What kind of hunting is in Indiana?

Indiana offers a wide variety of game species for all types of hunters. Some of the state game species include: Big game including deer and turkey. Small and upland game including pheasant, quail, rabbit, snipe, squirrel, and woodcock.

What can I hunt in Indiana?


  • Hunting Regulations.
  • Deer Regulations.
  • Deer Seasons, Licenses, & Equipment.
  • Small Game.
  • Waterfowl/Migratory Birds Regulations.
  • Game Birds.
  • Wild Turkey.
  • Furbearer Hunting.

What hunting season is in right now in Indiana?

Hunting Regulations

2021-2022 Indiana Hunting Seasons
Spring April 27, 2022 – May 15, 2022
Fall Archery (statewide) Oct. 1, 2021 – Oct. 31, 2021
Dec. 4, 2021 – Jan. 2, 2022
Fall Firearms Oct. 20, 2021 – Oct. 31, 2021 (see Wild Turkey for counties)

But the trend isn’t unique to Indiana. Just 5 percent of Americans between ages 15 and 50 hunt, according to the latest Fish and Wildlife Service survey. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is hoping to increase interest by launching new programs to reach groups not typically associated with hunting.

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Is there hunting in Indiana?

Season Dates (2021):

Firearms season runs November 13-28. Muzzleloader is December 4-19. … And the special antlerless season has been removed. Please check the Indiana DNR website to confirm season dates.

Can you hunt with an AR 15 in Indiana?

In Indiana you can now hunt with an AR in both 458 Socom and 450 Bushmaster. Hogs can be killed with a variety of calibers but most will recommend a 6.8 or larger.

How many deer can a landowner kill in Indiana?

How many deer can I shoot with my license? You are allowed to harvest one deer per license (with the exception of the deer license bundle, youth hunt/trap license, or lifetime license.)

Do I need a hunting license on my property in Indiana?

Do I need a license to hunt on my property? … Exemptions: Landowners or lessees of farmland who farm that land and are residents of Indiana are not required to obtain a permit while hunting, fishing, or trapping on the land they own or lease.

What are the most dangerous animals in Indiana?

You’ll Want To Steer Clear Of The 8 Most Dangerous Animals Found In Indiana

  • The black widow spider. Ben Collins/Flickr. …
  • The timber rattlesnake. Douglas Mills/Flickr. …
  • The copperhead snake. Mark Dumont/Flickr. …
  • The brown recluse spider. …
  • The eastern massasauga rattlesnake. …
  • The western cottonmouth snake. …
  • The kissing bug. …
  • Deer.

Where is the best hunting in Indiana?

The three top properties for harvest are Pigeon River FWA, Jasper-Pulaski FWA and Kingsbury FWA. Pigeon River FWA has been extremely impressive over the past two seasons. Last season, hunters took a total of 195 whitetails at Pigeon River.

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Is Indiana a good deer hunting state?

Hunting here offers a . 084% chance a taking a Booner, which is better than any other state in the country. Indiana is also in the top ten for total B&C entries over the last 10 years, and despite a fair amount of pressure hunters enjoy a 50% success rate.

Do you have to wear orange on private property in Indiana?

An occupied ground blind must have at least 144 square inches of hunter orange that is visible on each side of the blind while deer hunting during any deer season in which a hunter is already required to wear hunter orange. … The hunter orange is required on public and private land.

Are there big bucks in Indiana?

Southeastern Indiana is home to giant whitetails. It’s proved by the the river counties that border the Ohio river and other nearby counties.

Is it illegal to keep a wild rabbit in Indiana?

Rabbits as pets

It is illegal to possess wildlife, including cottontail rabbits, without special permits.

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