What is the PA state record black bear?

The heaviest bear ever taken in Pennsylvania was an 875-pounder harvested in 2010 in Middle Smithfield Township, Pike County. Since 1992, seven black bears weighing at least 800 pounds have been lawfully harvested in Pennsylvania hunting seasons.

What is the largest black bear killed in PA?

The largest animal was an 813-pound male killed in Monroe County. The heaviest bear on record was an 875-pound animal killed in Pike County. Lycoming County recorded 284 bears killed followed by Clinton and Tioga counties, both with 267.

What county in PA has the most black bears?

The most bears were harvested in Lycoming County with 284, followed by Clinton and Tioga counties with 267 each. Other top counties for bear harvests were Huntingdon, 180; Potter, 174; Luzerne, 163; Pike, 161; Bedford, 156; Centre, 146; and Warren, 146.

How many bear were killed in Pennsylvania this year?

Hunters killed 78 black bears on Tuesday, the final day of the 2020 firearms hunting season for bear, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. That bumped the total harvest for the 4-day season to 1,155 – a relatively low number for the firearms season – and to 3,135 for all seasons so far in 2020.

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How many bears killed Pa?

Carrollo said hunters killed 3,608 bears in 2020, which was down by more than a thousand from the 2019 harvest of 4,653, the state record. Despite the decline, which often happens after a record-setting year, the 2020 harvest ranks as the 6th highest kill in the past 30 years.

Where are black bears found in PA?


  • The new Wildlife Center at Sinnemahoning State Park is perfect for observing wildlife in all seasons: bears, eagles, otters, and a small elk population.
  • From the 16-room green-certified Nature Inn at Bald Eagle State Park , watch bald eagles nesting across the lake.

Where are the most bears in Pennsylvania?

Although they remain most numerous in northern and southwestern Pennsylvania, and the mountainous areas of the rest of the state, bears can be found in nearly every county.

What is the bear season in Pennsylvania?

BLACK BEAR (Statewide): Nov. 20; Sunday, Nov. 21; and Nov. 22-23.

Are there wolves in Pennsylvania?

Discover the Speedwell Wolves and learn interesting facts – such as there have been no wild wolves in Pennsylvania for more than a century – at this sanctuary that provides a natural habitat for its residents.

Are there mountain lions in PA?

Isolated juvenile males have been found as far east as Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and northern Wisconsin. These young males are looking to establish a new territory and they do not stay in areas without females. No wild cougars have been found in Pennsylvania since their extirpation in 1871.

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Can I still buy a bear tag in PA?

Currently, a hunter can purchase a bear license at the time the hunter purchases a license or at any time up to the close of established bear seasons. This expanded purchasing period, however, has provided certain individuals with the opportunity to abuse the bear license requirement.

How much is a bear license in PA?

Hunting License Fees

Type of License Cost
Migratory Game Bird License – Resident $3.90
Bear License – Resident $16.90
Antlerless Deer License – Resident $6.90
Surplus License – Resident $6.90

Can you hunt bear on Sunday in PA?

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 7:54 a.m. Three Sundays this fall were approved for hunting by the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners. Archery deer hunting will be allowed on Nov.

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