What is the most expensive bottle of Wild Turkey?

To this point, Wild Turkey has just released Russell’s Reserve 1998, a phenomenal whiskey aged for more than 15 years. With only 2,070 bottles released and retailing at $250 each, this is Wild Turkey’s rarest and most expensive product to date.

What is Jim Beam’s most expensive bourbon?

Earlier this year, a nine and a half foot long train sculpture filled with Jim Beam Bourbon, created by famed contemporary artist Jeff Koons, sold at auction for US$33.8 million.

The 13 Best Bourbons In America.

Type Size Price
Jim Beam Black Bourbon Whiskey 750ml $15.98
Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon Whiskey 750ml $18.58

What is the most expensive bourbon in the world?

The World’s Most Expensive Bourbons

Wine Name Ave Price
Old Rip Van Winkle 25 Year Old $33,438
Colonel EH Taylor Old Fashioned Sour Mash $24,719
The Last Drop Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon $18,320
Eagle Rare Double Eagle Very Rare 20 Year Old $15,915

Is Jim Beam good to drink straight?

If you want to savor the taste of Jim Beam as is, you can drink it neat or straight. This means the bourbon is sipped without ice and is at room temperature. … If you’ve never had bourbon before it might be to take it on the rocks, that is adding some ice cubes to the drink.

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Is Maker’s Mark better than Jim Beam?

The higher price of Maker’s Mark comes because of its small-batch technique and uniqueness. If you’re short on money, Jim Beam is your go-to choice and if you’re looking for something that stands out and you are not short on money, go for Makers Mark.

What is the best bourbon for the money?

Best Bourbon for the Money

  • Best Overall Bourbon: Knob Creek Small Batch 9-Year Bourbon.
  • Best Cheap Bourbon: Evan Williams Black Label.
  • Best Bourbon for Cocktails: Four Roses Bourbon.
  • Best Craft Bourbon: New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

What is John Wicks drink of choice?

The whiskey John Wick drinks throughout the film is Blanton’s bourbon.

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