What is the minimum draw weight to kill a deer in Wisconsin?

For deer hunting, the minimum recommended draw weight for a compound bow is 50- 55 pounds. The draw length of a bow is the distance a bowhunter has to draw his or her arrow back before shooting.

Is 45 lbs enough to kill a deer?

Yes. For sure. Although I shoot a 63 lb compound bow, a 45 pounder HAS SUFFICIENT POWER to kill them just as dead, just as quickly, PROVIDED YOU deliver a good shot. While some may quibble, consensus is that your best shot is a sharp broadhead through both lungs.

Persons hunting big game must use an authorized bow and an authorized arrow. An authorized bow is one that is held, drawn and released by muscular power and has a draw weight of not less than 18 kg (40 lb.).

Is 40 lbs enough to kill a deer?

Registered. 35-40 lbs is plenty. To maximize pentration, stick with a fixed blade cut-on-contact head with two or three blades. Just be sure to check your state’s hunting regulations to see what the minimum draw weight is for bow hunting deer.

What can a 60 lb bow kill?

All that being said, again, 60 pounds is generally plenty to let you kill a bunch of game, even at those distances. Realm SR6, MBG Pure Gold 75, QAD Ultra Rest MXT, TAP Stabilizers, QAD Exodus, Bishop, Iron Will, Sevr, & Afflictor Broadheads.

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How fast does a 40 lb bow shoot?

The nock attaches to the string and when you release the string, those 40 lbs are set free. The string launches the arrow forward and transfers the energy from the string to the arrow, which is now travelling at around 240+ fps.

Is 60 lbs enough to kill a deer?

For whitetail deer hunting anything above 40 lbs is fine. For larger game such as elk or moose a good recommendation is at least 60-65 lbs of draw weight. A general rule of thumb is that a shooter should be able to shoot a bow about 30 times in a row without being fatigued.

Is a 50lb bow too much?

If you’re pretty consistent at 40 pounds, but then notice erratic arrow groups at 50 pounds, then 50 pounds is probably too much weight. … Archers shooting takedown recurve bows can usually get lighter limbs to drop some draw weight. Those who shoot one-piece recurves or longbows are going to have to switch bows.

What can a 50 lb recurve bow kill?

As a rule of thumb, 40 pounds of kinetic energy efficiently kills whitetails, and 50 pounds or greater is required for larger game such as elk, moose or bear.

Can a bow kill a bear?

Yes in a few places and hunting seasons (known a few and thought they were crazy). They generally use a powerful compound bow with big steel arrowheads which has some level of success on the smallest bears, the black bears. The ideal shot for big game animals is an arrow that passes through both lungs.

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Can a Barnett Vortex kill a deer?

The legal requirements of a compound bow for hunting purposes may vary between 30 and 50 lb. in certain states and can go even higher. This is why, despite its popularity, the Barnett Vortex can’t be used across the entire US for hunting deer.

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