What is the best silhouette goose decoy?

Conclusion – If you’re looking for goose silhouette decoys that have been the leading and number one in the industry. White Rock Decoys will be your number one choice. From leading quality to superior customer support, White Rock Decoys is the number one Canada Silhouette Goose Decoys.

Are silhouette decoys effective?

In my opinion, silhouette decoys are an incredible option for may goose hunters. Goose hunting with silhouettes can help hunters on a budget still be able to afford a good size decoy spread. In addition, silhouette decoys are easy to store and transport which is a great benefit compared to bulky full body goose decoys.

Do snow geese silhouettes work?

Any combination of full bodies, shells, silhouettes, wind socks and rags will work for light geese. … When using flags, don’t hesitate to use several, as large concentrations of snow geese tend to move quite a bit when feeding.

How many goose floaters do I need?

“I’ll put two or three floaters on the water and four or five full-body sleepers or resters on land close to the water. You want the birds to feel like the pond is safe when they come in,” he says. “If it’s a small pond that I can shoot across, I like the decoys close. You definitely don’t want to crowd the pond.”

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Should goose decoys face into the wind?

Hunters will often place their decoys facing one direction, which is O.K. if you want your spread to look unrealistic. Geese in a real flock will face one general direction, usually into the wind, but you will have those that are feeding or moving about that will be facing any direction.

Are goose silhouettes worth it?

Silhouettes can be 50-75% cheaper than the cost of buying full body goose decoys. Therefore, not only can you build a spread cheaper, but you can purchase more decoys for the same cost as full bodies. Of course, there are some that run full goose spreads with just silhouettes and have a lot of success.

Is 6 goose decoys enough?

Sometimes it’s a case of giving birds something different to look at. Small spreads really shine when they allow you to hunt a spot you might not otherwise be able to reach. Six decoys in the right place are better than six dozen in the wrong location.

Do you need decoys to hunt geese?

So is it possible to hunt geese without decoys? The short answer is yes but it will require work. Here are a few of your considerations to improve your chances of successfully hunting geese without decoys: Locate exactly where the geese are feeding and roosting.

Do you need full body decoys?

With full bodies, you can afford to have about one or two dozen decoys if you only have a few hunters and want to bring in a good amount of birds. To get the same effect with silos, you just simply need more decoys. … Both of these types of decoys are very realistic and fool birds every single year.

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Do black and white goose silhouettes work?

black and white silos still get used on the eastern shore allot,and they stil work! ive got a bunch of full bodies,shells and real geese and i still use my shadows from time to time.

Do Geese like motion decoys?

Many goose hunters now rely on motion to make decoy spreads stand out. Added realism is the goal. “Motion is critical if you want to be successful,” says Minnesotan Joe Salato, a Ducks Unlimited area chairman who has been hunting Canada geese for more than 30 years.

Do goose shells work?

Shells work just fine. Another option would be to use silhouettes. Easy to carry a ton of them into a field. Anybody who says you need fullbodies to shoot geese is mainlining the koolaid.

Do sock decoys work?

This motion can be incredibly effective to grab the attention of nearby geese. Most commonly windsock decoys are used for snow geese because snow geese are very aggressive feeders and feed in fields with flock sizes in the thousands.

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