What county in Pennsylvania has the most black bear?

The most bears were harvested in Lycoming County with 284, followed by Clinton and Tioga counties with 267 each. Other top counties for bear harvests were Huntingdon, 180; Potter, 174; Luzerne, 163; Pike, 161; Bedford, 156; Centre, 146; and Warren, 146.

Where are black bears found in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, bears are found in large forested areas statewide. They currently occupy over three-quarters of the state, although sightings have been confirmed in every county.

Are there wolves in Pennsylvania?

Discover the Speedwell Wolves and learn interesting facts – such as there have been no wild wolves in Pennsylvania for more than a century – at this sanctuary that provides a natural habitat for its residents.

What is the most dangerous animal in Pennsylvania?

Here are six of the most dangerous animals in Pennsylvania.

  • Black Bear. Flickr/Jim Mullhaupt. …
  • Timber Rattlesnake. Flickr/Tristan Loper. …
  • Coyotes. Flickr/Penn State. …
  • Bobcats. Flickr/Matt “smooth tooth” Knoth. …
  • Black Widows. Flickr/Lorenzo Tlacaelel. …
  • Ticks.

Do mountain lions live in PA?

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, feline predators such as the eastern cougar, which is also known as the mountain lion, are “extirpated,” meaning they’re all but wiped out in the northeastern United States. … There are more than 4,000 of them in Pennsylvania. Most are about three feet long.

What is the largest black bear killed in PA?

The heaviest bear ever taken in Pennsylvania was an 875-pounder harvested in 2010 in Middle Smithfield Township, Pike County. Since 1992, seven black bears weighing at least 800 pounds have been lawfully harvested in Pennsylvania hunting seasons.

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