What caliber can you use for turkey hunting?

The preferred caliber is a 12 gauge chambered for 3” to 3 ½ ”. A good turkey gun should have a barrel of no less than 22”, with a 24” to 26” barrel being a better choice. A longer barrel usually gives a little better performance and velocity of the shot pellets.

Can you use a .22 for turkey hunting?

This is why most of the states that do allow you to hunt turkey with a rifle, only allow small calibers such as a . 22 long rifle, . … With a rifle, you want to aim for the neck or the head. This can be a difficult shot at long ranges so it is also effective to shoot turkeys in the lungs/liver and the heart.

Is a 223 good for turkey hunting?

223 will work well on turkeys. The junction of the neck/body (about orange sized) is a deadly spot; just ahead of the wing butts and out of most of the edible meat. Put a . 223 round in there, and you have a dead bird.

Can you shoot turkey with 243?

It works great for fall turkeys. No reason you could not do the same with a reduced load in the 243 Win.

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How many pounds of bow does it take to kill a turkey?

A 50-pound draw weight is plenty for head shooting. A good broadhead is the key to head shooting turkeys.

Can you use an Ar 15 for turkey hunting?

You’ll probably just be limited to 15-20 yard head and neck shots on the bird. If you can pattern 8-12 shots to the neck and head, use it. You’ll just have to call them in real close.

Can you shoot a Rio Grande turkey with a rifle in Texas?

Yes, it is legal to shoot turkeys in Texas with a rifle. Has to be a center fire rifle, no rim fire such as 22 or 17. Has to be a center fire rifle, no rim fire such as 22 or 17.

Can you use a rifle for fall turkey in PA?

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania’s Game Commission is eliminating the use of rifles from fall turkey hunting. The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners voted to make the change at a meeting Saturday.

What choke do I need for turkey hunting?

Full choke has tight constriction. The shot holds together even longer, making this choke good for squirrels, turkey, and other game shot at 40-yard and longer ranges. Turkey hunters sometimes use Extra Full or Turkey choke for even denser patterns at long range.

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