Quick Answer: Will a Glock 40 kill a deer?

But as you’ll see in the video from YouTuber Braydon Price below, the right Glock in the right situation can cleanly take down a big whitetail buck. … It’s an impressive feat, and the Glock 40 was very efficient in putting that big game animal down with a quick and clean kill.

Will .40 kill a deer?

The 40 will kill a deer just fine, not my first choice, but use a 180 grain bonded bullet and get it into the heart/lung area, emphasis on the heart area or you may have to track it a bit. 40 S&W bonded can give you up to 19″ penetration with good mushroom effect.

Can you hunt deer with a 40 S&W pistol?

357 and larger is legal to hunt deer with as far as pistol. 40sw 180gr bullet loaded with 8.0gr of longshot produces 1150fps in 4″ bbl its pretty potent and will destroy hearing if proper precautions are not taken.

Will a Glock 10mm kill a deer?

10mm will work great on deer as long as you use a good load/bullet and put it in the boiler room! I have not used a 10mm , have shot several with 45 SUPER, one with G22 40 S&W loaded to 10mm level (modified g22) and LOTS with 44 mag.. With proper loads/bullets/shot placement can tell no difference in kill speed.

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Can you hunt deer with a 40 S&W in Ohio?

No, the . 40 S&W was not designed nor imagined as a deer cartridge. The cartridges that are approved are as follows . 357 Magnum .

Can you hunt with 45 ACP in Indiana?

Some illegal handgun cartridges for deer hunting are 38 Special, 38 Smith and Wesson, 38 Colt New Police, 38/200, 38 Long Colt, 38 Super, 38 ACP, 38 Colt Auto, 45 ACP, 45 Automatic and 45 Auto Rim. All 25/20, 32/20 and 30 carbine ammunition is prohibited also. Muzzleloading handguns are allowed.

Can a Glock 20 kill a deer?

Senior Member. Without question, the 10mm will make a quick kill. I’ve done it three times, each one was either a bang flop or the deer didn’t go more than 10-15 yards. If you do YOUR part, you’ll be fine.

Will a Glock 19 kill a deer?

They just shoot good quality Hallow Points and they are very effective. Never seen a deer go very far after being hit with one.

Can you hunt with a Glock 17?

With the right bullet (hollow point, soft point, or monolithic), a Glock 17 fits the bill and is legal for deer hunting.

Will a 10mm kill a mountain lion?

A good proper 10mm load should do well against a wolf or cougar. A heavy hard-cast bullet should work on a black bear. For grizzly, might as well just eat a bullet yourself.

How far will a 10mm kill a deer?

10mm is a very flat shooting cartridge that has minimal drop out to 100 yards. It has almost no drop with a good 180-grain load.

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