Quick Answer: Will a 243 kill a Red Deer?

Can you shoot red deer with a 243?

243 is a very capable calibre for both foxes and all species of British deer, subject to correct bullet choice. … 243 is gentle to shoot, reasonably quiet with a moderator and enough gun for any UK quarry, subject to correct placement of the right bullet.

Will a 243 kill a red stag?

They are fairly easy to kill in my opinion, a . 243 is as good on red deer as a . 270, and depending on my mood I might like it better.

What can you shoot with a 243?

243 Winchester cartridge was initially designed as a target/varmint round, it may be used for animals such as coyotes, black tail deer, whitetail deer, mule deer, pronghorns, and wild hogs. 243 is light, small and perfect for beginning deer hunters. However, this rifle caliber doesn’t just stop there.

What is the difference between 243 and 308?

243 is essentially a necked down . 308 means that the bullets are smaller and less wide. The . 243 was originally introduced in 1955, and gained traction because of its versatility.

What distance should I zero my 243?

The best zero distance for a . 243 Winchester is 25 yards. At 25 yards, a 100 grain, 2960 fps, . 243 bullet will have a maximum point blank range of 296 yards and hit roughly 3″ high (2.7″) at 100 yards.

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How far can a 243 kill a deer?

The key result of this analysis is that the effective killing range of the . 243 load above is 180 yards. This falls well short of both the +/- 3 inch MPBR (280 yards) and zero distance (240 yards) of the load.

How far will a 243 kill a deer?

Name of Product Weight Muzzle Velocity
Nosler Ballistic Tip Projetile 90 grain 3000 fps

What is the best bullet for a 243 on deer?

7 Top-Tier Hunting Bullets for the . 243 Win.

  • Lehigh Defense 60-grain Controlled Chaos. Created to fulfill a game agency’s need for a lead-free, . …
  • Hornady 75-grain V-Max. …
  • Sierra 85-grain HPBT GameKing. …
  • Hornady 95-grain SST. …
  • Berger 95-grain Classic Hunter. …
  • Speer 100-grain Grand Slam. …
  • Norma 100-grain Oryx.

What is the highest grain bullet for a 243?

243 ammunition are available with bullet weights ranging from 55 grains (3.6 g) up to 115 grains (6.8 g). Twist rate of the barrel can sometimes be a factor in deciding which bullets to use, 1:10 being the most popular as it is sufficient to stabilize up to 100 gr bullets.

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