Quick Answer: When can I start hunting legendary animals?

You can first obtain the Legendary Bear Pelt and Legendary Bear Claw after completing the mission Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego in Chapter 2. The Legendary Beaver is found just to the southeast of Elysian Pool, due west of the Van Horn Trading Post.

How do I start legendary animal hunts?

To begin any of the hunts, you’ll first need to complete the mission Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego in Chapter 2. Hosea will give you a handy little map as part of the questline that will show you the location of the legendary animals.

Can you kill legendary animals twice?

You can hunt Legendary animals more than once, but they are on cooldown. Legendary animals only spawn under certain conditions (thanks Alexionics): You’ll find Elk near Cholla Springs (Cotorra Springs) only when it’s drizzling and foggy weather.

Can you do anything with legendary animal carcass?

Can you do anything with legendary carcasses? Answer: After killing a Legendary Animal in Red Dead Redemption 2 you can skin them to sell the pelt or in some cases even the carcass to a Trapper.

How do I know which legendary animals I’ve killed?

the legendary fish and animals will appear on the map, as a small drawing with a crown above the animal. once you have killed or caught them, that drawing will have a big black “X” over it.

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Can you sedate and kill legendary animals?

Sadly you can only use the Varmint Rifle to sedate animals, so it may take quite a long time depending on how big the animal is. … You won’t hurt the pelt by shooting legendary animals – all you need to do is kill it to get the skin, so go wild, be trigger-happy, and don’t worry about shooting its vitals.

Can you kill the legendary bear with Hosea?

After prepping and laying bait with Hosea, the Legendary bear will pounce. You’ll have just a second to get off a few rounds and scare it away. Hosea hides behind a rock. After the encounter, he decides to pack it in, but you can stay and finish hunting the bear.

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