Question: Will a 357 kill a wild hog?

The short answer it yes, . 357 is plenty capable of killing a hog. Like using any other cartridge for hunting, you should understand the limitations of the ammunition, the firearm, the shooter, and the game and operate within them.

Will a 357 magnum kill a hog?

357 is suitable for small and modestly sized game — javelina or feral hogs, most whitetails, perhaps nutria tunneling through dikes along the Mississippi. … For game that size, a step up to a . 44 Magnum or even the . 500 S&W is required.

What can you hunt with a 357 magnum?

357 Mag. makes a perfectly viable cartridge for hunting deer and black bear, in either rifle or pistol form. In a rifle, it’s a solid 75-100 yard gun, and in a pistol, I’ve seen some guys print groups at 50 yards so small it’d raise your eyebrows.

What gun will kill a wild boar?

Ruger Gunsite Scout

308 Winchester and . 450 Bushmaster cartridges that are deadly on feral hogs. While not nearly as fast shooting as a semi-automatic rifle, a well-trained hunter armed with the Ruger Gunsite Scout can really do some damage on a big sounder of feral hogs.

Why is a 357 Magnum so powerful?

357 Magnum long-gun brings this cartridge into a whole other realm. The longer barrel boosts the bullet’s velocity by a substantial amount over the shorter barrels found on handguns. This allows a shooter or hunter to carry a compact rifle and a handgun which share common ammunition.

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Is a 44 mag good for hog hunting?

A 44 mag is a great choice for pigs. I would stick to the 200 grain or heavier, and the 240+ grain bullets being the best options.

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