Question: Where can I hunt axis deer in Texas?

How much does it cost to hunt axis deer in Texas?

The cost of an Axis Deer hunt in Texas will range from $250 per person per day to $4000 for a 3 day Axis Deer hunt with loding, guided, meals provided.

Can I hunt axis deer in Texas?

Axis deer hunts in Texas are year round, bow hunting or rifile hunts can be accommodated. Imagine hunting season is over or months away and you’re getting that urge to be sitting in a stand again.

Where is the best axis deer hunting?

Axis, or chital, deer is a native of the Indian subcontinent, and was successfully introduced to many areas outside its home range. India has banned hunting for sport since 1970s, but you can hunt Axis deer all over their new home ranges. The prime destinations include Texas, Australia, and Argentina.

How much does it cost to hunt an axis deer?

This hunt can be combined with other exotic or native species as well. Non-hunting guests can also tag along for the lodging fee only at $35 per person per night.

Axis Deer Hunts.

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Axis Buck 2 2 days of hunting, 2 nights of lodging, 1 Axis buck up to 22 $2200

What is the best time to hunt axis deer in Texas?

Unlike other deer species in Texas, you will find axis deer with hard horns year around as they are a tropical deer and does come in estrus throughout the year. The best time to hunt them though is during the late spring through summer months. The peak of the rut is usually June and July.

Does cold weather kill axis deer?

Exotic animals didn’t fare near as well in the winter blast. Axis deer and black buck antelope were among the hardest hit. “Many of the exotics don’t do well with extended periods of extreme cold,” Cain said.

How can you tell how old an axis deer is?

To an extent, you can age an axis deer by its body size and the look of the head. But it takes lots of experience. Looking at the teeth and trying to age them the same as whitetail doesn’t work the same.

Where can you get free axis deer in Texas?

Interested in hunting free range Axis Deer in Texas? Well, look no further than The 507 Ranch. This ranch is loaded with free range Axis Deer. The Texas Hill Country region boasts over 30,000 Axis Deer with our ranch centralized in the heart of this area.

Do you need a license to hunt axis deer in Texas?

A hunting license is required for the take of nongame species. There are no closed seasons, bag limits or possession limits; and, they may be hunted at any time by any lawful means or methods on private property.

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