Question: Where are black bears in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, black bear habitat is predominately found in the oak-hickory forests of the Interior Highlands and in bottomland hardwood forests of the Delta and Mississippi Alluvial Floodplains (Figure 2).

Are bears in Arkansas dangerous?

Are they dangerous – not really. Most of the black bears are quite small – less than a hundred pounds – and are afraid of humans. Some of them are much larger though, and have lost their fear of man. … There are no grizzly bears in the wild in Arkansas.

Do black bears in Arkansas hibernate?

Denning Behavior and Hibernation

Black bears in Arkansas den for approximately 100 days or so each winter. Bears in the bottomland hardwood forests of Arkansas, however, may den for 150 days or more during extensive seasonal flooding.

Legal Hunting Equipment for bear is the same as legal hunting equipment for deer, except shotguns must be 20-gauge or larger and may use only rifled slugs. It is illegal to kill a denned bear or one that is being pursued by dogs. It is illegal to kill a bear outfitted with a radio collar.

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Where are the most alligators in Arkansas?

Two sites in Arkansas where alligators are common are Arkansas Post’s wetlands near Dumas (Arkansas County) and also the marshes of Millwood State Park, located near Ashdown (Little River County).

Are there mountain lions in Arkansas?

There is a breeding population of mountain lions in Arkansas, and since our ecosystem desperately needs to be rebalanced, they should put a hunting moratorium on the shooting of cougars with a $20,000 fine for a violation.

Are there alligators in Arkansas?

Fortunately, alligator populations in Arkansas have increased following twenty years of protection under the Federal Endangered Species Act. The waters of Arkansas Post National Memorial provide valuable habitat to over a dozen alligators, some of which are fourteen feet in length.

Do I need bear spray in Arkansas?

Conclusion. Arkansas is a pretty good state for those who want to carry defensive sprays. You may carry OC or tear gas with no problems, but the state does have an annoying restriction on capacity. Civilians are limited to carrying no more than 150 cc’s, or right at 5 oz, and no more under penalty of law.

Are there a lot of bears in Arkansas?

Although black bears are difficult to count in forested habitats, the black bear population in Arkansas is currently estimated at over 3,000 animals. Black bears are prized game animals. About 200 are legally harvested annually in Arkansas.

Can you shoot a bear with a collar?

bears is so crucial to management, we ask hunters not to shoot collared bears. Radio-collars are not easy to see, but all bears with a collar also have large, colorful ear tags. Look for the ear tags, not the collar.

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How much is a bear license in Arkansas?

Nonresident Annual All Game Hunting License (NBG)

Entitles the holder to hunt all game species, including bear, using modern gun, muzzleloader or archery. Valid through June 30. Six deer tags and two turkey tags are included with this license. $350; obtain online or through dealers, regional offices.

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