Is Maine a good deer hunting state?

Moose hunting, deer hunting, and bear hunting are very popular in these areas. Maine is fortunate to have a very healthy population of some the area’s premier game. … Just as abundant in the state are over 200,000 whitetail deer and 75,000 Moose – the highest aside from Alaska.

Is deer hunting in Maine hard?

It’s tough hunting up there, but pressure is very low and there’s a lot of room to roam,” Bieber said. “Also, Maine has a lot of coastal islands with a lot of deer and very few hunters. If you’re interested in a pretty unique hunt and willing to do some extra legwork, consider looking for a hunting spot off the coast.”

Is Maine a good place for hunting?

For more than 150 years, Maine has been known to outdoor enthusiasts for its reliable, varied and superb hunting. Hunters can chase whitetail deer, black bear, or wild turkey and other upland game birds, or even the legendary moose.

Does Maine have a lot of deer?

Between the mid-1950’s and early 1960’s, MDIFW estimated Maine’s deer population at 250,000. … Today, deer abundance ranges from one to five deer per square mile in the north, to 15 to 35 deer per square mile in central and southern areas.

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Can you hunt on Sunday in Maine?

Sunday Hunting is Illegal in Maine.

How many deer can you kill in Maine?

1. Limit on deer and bear. It is unlawful to take or possess more than one deer or more than one bear in any calendar year. 2.

Turkey is one of Maine’s most popular game items as hunting it is so much fun!

What can you hunt in Maine?

Hunting in Maine

Maine also has great hunting for white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, and wild turkeys. Duck hunting is excellent in the lakes and marshes, as well as along Maine’s magnificent rocky coastline, where world-class sea duck hunts occur.

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