Is it legal to shoot fox squirrels in NC?

Season Dates Limits
Fox Squirrel (statewide): Oct. 18 – Jan. 31 Daily limit 1; Possession 2; Season 10

Can you shoot squirrels on your property in NC?

Squirrels can be taken during the established hunting season with a valid state hunting license. A landowner would not need to purchase a license to hunt on their own property. Contact a licensed Wildlife Damage Control Agent that can be hired to remove wildlife when animals are causing property damage.

When can you shoot squirrels in North Carolina?

Hunting > Seasons & Limits > Small Game Seasons & Limits

Species 2020-2021 Seasons Regulations 2019-2020
Squirrel – Gray and Red Oct. 12, 2020 – Feb. 28, 2021 Squirrel – Fox Oct. 12, 2020 – Jan. 31, 2021 Hunting Regulations
Controlled Hunting Preserves Regulations
Extended Falconry Regulations

Are squirrels protected in North Carolina?

Trapping Legally – Here in North Carolina you cannot legally trap squirrels without a depredation permit. Other nuisance species, such as raccoons, can be trapped legally during the posted trapping season with proper licensing.

How long do squirrels live in NC?

Life Expectancy

Surviv- al increases to 50 percent once they are around one year old. In the fall, about half of the population is composed of young squirrels. A few squirrels may survive for 7 or 8 years in the wild.

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Why is it illegal to release a trapped squirrel?

Well, watch out for cops, because releasing a squirrel outside of its original territory is actually illegal in most jurisdictions. There are many reasons for this, the main one being to avoid transmitting diseases or parasites from one place to another.

Is it squirrel season in North Carolina?

This free permit is available at

Small Game & Other Seasons.

Season Dates Limits
Gray and Red (statewide): Oct. 18 – Feb. 28 Daily limit 8; No possession or season limits
Fox Squirrel (statewide): Oct. 18 – Jan. 31 Daily limit 1; Possession 2; Season 10

Is there a squirrel season in North Carolina?

SQUIRRELS, Red, Gray, Black and Fox (Combined):

Oct. 17-Nov. 28, Dec.

Is it illegal to kill a fox in North Carolina?

Former G.S. 113-111, as amended by S.L. 1955, c. 286 – Authorized the hunting and killing of foxes at any time by any lawful method. This allows year-round taking during authorized hunting hours by normal hunting methods: rifle, shotgun, bow and arrow, and dogs.

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