Is duck hunting better in the morning or afternoon?

Ducks and geese are more consistently active then than during evenings or certainly midday. … Evenings can produce stunning action, and midmorning creek floats or big-water diver hunts with weather afoot can be memorable. But for day-after-day action throughout the season, mornings get my vote.

Is duck hunting good in the afternoon?

The ducks often have different ideas, especially if they’ve been gunned or temperatures are warm. Still, when the weather changes abruptly or massive front brings wave after wave of fresh ducks into the area, midday or afternoon hunting works just fine. Wind and falling temperatures will keep divers on the move.

How do you hunt ducks in the morning?

There is a long-standing tradition for some duck hunters to go out in the morning before sunrise, put out their decoys, set up in their positions, and to wait patiently until shooting hours begin.

Do ducks move in the evening?

Most waterfowl migrations occur at night. … But waterfowl also make shorter, local movements at night. On migration and wintering areas, the daily activity of ducks and geese is influenced by the birds’ energy demands, weather and habitat conditions, and disturbance from hunters or natural predators.

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Can you kill ducks in the afternoon?

Here we don’t have cold freezes and the birds largely feed at night and then move to safe resting water during the day. Afternoon hunts can be good any time from 2 PM until shoot time ends. We usually put out small decoy spreads for the evening hunts. For Mallard hunts, maybe only four dekes.

Can you duck hunt in the middle of the day?

Many duck hunters are leaving the marsh just when they should be arriving. Midday can be the best time to swat a limit of mallards. … They’re typically not back until noon or so, after most hunters have left for the day.

What do ducks do in a day?

Sometimes, they fly and work best during midday because of weather conditions, feeding patterns, or the timing of migratory flights. The best advice is to occupy your blind whenever you can—early, late, and in the middle of the day.

What time of day are ducks active?

Waterfowl are most active from shortly before sunrise until midmorning, and then again from midafternoon until after sunset. I like to arrive an hour before these prime times (yes, that often means showing up in early-morning darkness) to let the birds get accustomed to my presence.

Where do ducks sleep at night?

Their bigness and fatness, along with their webbed feet, make it impossible for waterfowl to sleep in the safety of a tree. Most of the time, geese and ducks sleep at night right on the water.

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