Is bear season in in West Virginia?

Archery Sept. 26-Dec. 31
Firearms Aug. 29-Dec. 31**

What hunting season is it right now in WV?

West Virginia Hunting Season Dates 2021

Season Dates Limit
Firearms Nov 23- Dec 6 No more than 3 antlered bucks
Archery & Crossbow Sept 26- Dec 31 2
Oct 22-25 3
Nov 23- Dec 6 3

What month is bear season?

Bear Hunting Regulations

General bear season opens concurrently with general deer season in the A, B, C, D, X8, X9A, X9B, X10 and X12 deer hunting zones and extends through December 26, 2021. For zones X1 through X7b, the general bear season begins October 9, 2021, and extends through December 26, 2021.

(a) A person may not hunt, capture, or kill any bear, or have in his or her possession any bear or bear parts, except during the hunting season for bear in the manner designated by rule or law. For the purposes of this section, bear parts include, but are not limited to, the pelt, gallbladder, skull and claws of bear.

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Do you need a hunting license to hunt on private property in West Virginia?

Landowners may hunt on their own land without a hunting license.

Is it illegal to feed deer in West Virginia?

While it is not illegal in West Virginia for humans to feed deer, it is strongly discouraged, Wood said. “It is not a good idea,” Wood said of humans feeding deer.

What time of day do bears roam?

Bears are usually active from dawn to dusk, but they may be seen any time of day or night. Bears in many places of high human use have become nocturnal in order to avoid people.

What is the best time of day to see a bear?

The best times for wildlife viewing are early morning around sunrise and evening around sunset. Stay Quiet. Most animals have a great sense of hearing, so staying quiet will give you more time to enjoy the view without scaring them away.

How many bear can you kill in WV?

kill more than one bear per year. organize for commercial purposes, or to professionally outfit a bear hunt, or to give or receive any consideration whatsoever or any donation in money, goods or services in connection with a bear hunt. (

How do I check in a bear in WV?

Hunters are no longer required to transport their harvest to a check station, according to the state Division of Natural Resources. Instead, hunters may now check their game by phone at 1-844-WVCheck, on a computer at, or by visiting a license agent with or without the animal.

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Are there grizzly bears in WV?

The American black bear is the only bear known to inhabit West Virginia, and they are not regarded as aggressive in comparison to the distantly related polar bears and grizzly bears. … Today, most of the remaining grizzly bears in North America are in Alaska and western Canada.

Are there mountain lions in West Virginia?

“Technically the mountain lion is listed as an endangered species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,” said DNR Game Management Chief Paul Johansen. … The mountain lion no longer exists here in West Virginia at least in a naturally reproducing state.”

Are bears a problem in West Virginia?

The black bear population in West Virginia is now considered statewide, and bears have been harvested in 46 of the 55 counties in recent years.

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