Is 7mm legal for deer in Indiana?

7mm Mag, remain illegal. Yes, you read that right. Thanks to a new law signed by Governor Mike Pence in March, some hunters will have to make a trip to their local gun shop if they want to use a rifle next deer season. Some hunters are concerned the addition of rifles will decrease the state’s deer herd even more.

Some cartridges legal for deer hunting on public include the . 350 Legend, . 357 Magnum, .

Rifle cartridges that are legal under this law for private land include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 6mm-06.
  • 6mm BR Remington.
  • 6mm PPC.
  • 6mm Remington.
  • . 240 Weatherby.
  • . 243 Winchester.
  • . …
  • .

Can you use a 6.5 Creedmoor for deer hunting in Indiana?

The cartridge must have a minimum case length of 1.16 inches and a maximum case length of 3 inches. The cartridge must fire a bullet with a minimum diameter of . 243 inches (same as 6 mm) A hunter must not possess more than 10 of these cartridges while hunting deer.

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What guns can you use to hunt deer in Indiana?

Hunting Equipment

Shotguns, handguns, rifles with legal cartridges, muzzleloading long guns, and muzzleloading handguns are legal during the firearms season. Only muzzleloading firearms are legal during the muzzleloader season.

Hunting deer with a 7.62x39mm is legal in many states that allow rifle hunting with centerfire rifles. In Indiana the rifle cartridge must be at least 1.16″ in length with a maximum length of 1.625″ firing a bullet of at least 0.357″ in diameter.

How many deer can a landowner kill in Indiana?

How many deer can I shoot with my license? You are allowed to harvest one deer per license (with the exception of the deer license bundle, youth hunt/trap license, or lifetime license.)

Can you hunt with an AR 15 in Indiana?

In Indiana you can now hunt with an AR in both 458 Socom and 450 Bushmaster. Hogs can be killed with a variety of calibers but most will recommend a 6.8 or larger.

Do you need a hunting license to hunt on your own land in Indiana?

Exemptions: Landowners or lessees of farmland who farm that land and are residents of Indiana are not required to obtain a permit while hunting, fishing, or trapping on the land they own or lease. A license is also NOT required for the landowner’s or lessee’s spouse or children living with them.

Can a felon own a crossbow in Indiana?

A) Felons may hunt with a bow in Indiana but not with a crossbow.

Can you carry a handgun while hunting in Indiana?

You cannot carry a firearm during firearm season that is not legal for hunting.

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Which is better a 308 or 30 06?

30-06 is generally going to be better suited for long range shooting, and a . 308 is going to be better for faster shooting.

No cartridges with a bullet diameter between .243 and .308 are legal (such as the .270 Winchester); a hunter may not possess more than 10 such cartridges while in the field. Rifles with pistol cartridges that have been allowed in previous years may still be used to hunt deer on both private and public land.

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