How much does an Alaskan Kodiak bear hunt cost?

$25,000. Fully guided (1X1), 10-day hunt, 2-travel days.

How much does an Alaskan brown bear hunt cost?

Rates: $20,000 per person, 7-days, fully guided (1X1). $18,000 per person, 7-days, based on two hunters, (2X1) guide service.

How much does an Alaskan grizzly bear hunt cost?

The grizzly hunts take place in limited and difficult to access areas of Alaska and Canada. No wonder they command premium prices. A grizzly hunt with a reputable and well-equipped outfitter will start at about $12,000 and run all the way to $20,000.

How much is a Kodiak?

Depending on numerous factors, the average price for a pre-owned QUEST Kodiak is $1,997,900.00. A $998,950.00 loan over 120 months including $4162.29 per month in interest equates to a $50,091.06 per-period payment.

How much does Mike Horstman charge for a bear hunt?

When it comes to bear hunting, Mike has basically reached celebrity status. As a result, going on a guided hunt with him isn’t a cheap activity. According to Kodiak Guide Service, “A 10 day Kodiak bear hunt with Horstman costs $20,000. Horstman’s week-long Alaskan mountain goat hunt costs $8,500.”

To hunt Kodiak brown bears you need a valid Alaska hunting license, a Big Game Tag Record, a brown bear locking tag, and a registration and/or drawing permit for the area you plan to hunt. … We strongly urge non-residents to make arrangements with a qualified big game guide prior to applying for any Kodiak bear hunts.

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What animal can kill a grizzly bear?

Elephants, Hippos, and Rhinos can all easily take down a grizzly/polar bear 9/10. Adult male Lions and Tigers CAN take down a grizzly or polar bear. It won’t be a majority, but they have the tools to take them down.

Who would win grizzly or gorilla?

A grizzly beats a silverback 10 times out of 10. The average silverback weighs around 350 pounds and stands at 5-and-a-half feet tall. Their long arms give them the reach advantage on a grizzly, but that’s about it.

What does a Kodiak 100 cost?

We Fly: Quest Kodiak 100 Series II

Quest Kodiak 100 Series II
Price typically equipped $2.36 million
Engine Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34, 750 hp
Propeller Hartzell, aluminum four-blade, 96 in.
Seats Up to 10

How many bears are killed on Kodiak Island?

The results of their efforts were stricter regulations and creation of Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge in 1941. Today hunters kill about 180 Kodiak bears each year under tightly controlled regulations.

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