How many FPS does it take to kill an elk?

Thousands of elk have died using 500-600 grain arrows shot from 45-60# recurve/longbows, traveling at 160-190 fps. Or old school compounds at 200-250 fps. Don’t worry about speed, use a heavy arrow, c.o.c. broadheads and a RANGEFINDER.

How much kinetic energy is needed to kill an elk?

A commonly accepted threshold for the minimum amount of kinetic energy needed to kill an elk is 1500 ft-lbs. For whitetail deer, the minimum amount of kinetic energy is 1000 ft-lbs.

What is the minimum foot pounds of energy to kill an elk?

A generality is that around 1200 ft. lbs. of energy on target is necessary for humane elk kills.

How much energy does a elk bullet use?

30 caliber and deliver a bullet weighing at least 180 grains to the elk with a minimum of 2,000 ft. -lbs. of energy. For most of us that means the elk should be 300 yards or closer.

How hard is it to kill an elk?

I’ve been that guy after four of my seven hunts, but I’ve been fortunate enough to take two elk with a bow and one with my rifle, too. Elk hunting is extremely difficult. All elk hunters combined share an approximate 10% success rate.

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Will a 350 Legend kill an elk?

350 Legend is powerful enough to kill an elk, depending fully upon exactly where the bullet is placed and the construction of that bullet.

Can a 300 Savage kill an elk?

Ballistically very similar to a 308 and way better than a 30-30. Both of those rounds have killed hundreds of thousands of elk. I think the 300 savage will do just fine.

Is 7mm mag good for elk?

A 7mm Rem Mag is a great choice for elk. Short answer, yes. Longer answer. I think any of the 7mm or 300 mags are about a close to perfect elk rounds as you can get, but there have probably been more killed with the 30-06 and 270 than all the magnums combined.

How far can a 30 06 kill an elk?

30-06 has been killing herds of elk for years. Its ethical range depends more on the gun, load, and shooter than anything. Your garden variety ’06 is fully capable out to 400 yards or so.

What grain of bullet should I use for elk?

Elk bullets must be tough enough to provide adequate penetration. Choose at least medium weight for caliber: 140 grains in 6.5mm and the lighter 7mms; 140 and 150 grains in . 270s; 150 to 160 grains in faster 7mms; 165 or 180 grains in .

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