How many deer killed Illinois 2019?

– Hunters in Illinois harvested a preliminary total of 153,048 deer during all 2019-20 archery and firearm seasons, which concluded Jan. 19, 2020. The total preliminary deer harvest for all seasons compares with a total harvest for all seasons of 151,709 deer in 2018-19.

How many deer are killed each year in Illinois?

About 670,000 in 2019, 665,000 in 2018, 660,000 in 2017 and 650,000 deer in 2016 based on hunting data.

How many deer are killed in Illinois?

Hunters throughout Illinois took more than 1,100 deer during the 2020 Firearm Deer Season than the previous year according to preliminary totals released by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. 76,579 animals were killed during the 7 day total; that’s 1,162 more than 2019 when hunters harvested 75,417.

Which state has the most deer killed?

The states with the most antlered deer killed per square mile were Michigan, 3.7 per square mile; Pennsylvania, 3.6; South Carolina, 3.2; Maryland, 3.0; New Jersey, 2.6; New York, 2.6; and Wisconsin, 2.6.

Is it illegal to shoot a white deer in Illinois?

Albino deer are illegal to hunt and harvest in Illinois. The deer killed will likely be preserved and displayed at Kankakee River State Park.

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Is it illegal to shoot a fawn in Illinois?

The law read, “It shall be unlawful for any person to kill any deer, fawn, prairie hen or chicken, quail, woodcock or wood partridge between the first day of January and the 20th day of July each year in the counties of Lake, McHenry, Boone, Winnebago, Ogle, DeKalb, Lee, Kane, DuPage, Cook, Will, Kendall, LaSalle, …

Which state has the largest population of deer?

Texas ranked first, with hunters taking 722,044 deer, compared to 341,288 deer in Michigan, Outdoor Life said. Also in the top five: Pennsylvania (333,254), Wisconsin (316,774) and Georgia (316,463). Texas has an estimated 4.3 million deer, while Michigan has about 1.75 million.

Are deer endangered 2020?

Less than 4 million in 2020 about 3.5 million in 2021. The recent peak for mule and blacktails was around 1960, illustrated in the graph below for the estimated U.S. deer population from 1450 to 2017. Deer were nearly hunted to extinction by the early 1900s and were extirpated in many regions.

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