How many acres of land do you need to hunt in Minnesota?

Can I hunt on my own land in Minnesota?


Much of the land in Minnesota is privately owned. Hunters can typically freely take game animals hunted on their own private property, or may seek permission from a landowner to hunt on private property.

How many acres do you need to bow hunt in Minnesota?

Propertied of 5 acres or greater or combined properties with contiguous parcels of 5 acres or greater: The residents of the parcel, the parents and children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters of owners or residents, and those receiving permission from all the owners may hunt.

Is 12 acres enough to hunt?

If you want to ambush one from a tree or blind, 12 acres is plenty. Deer are very much creatures of habit and follow the same trails most of the time. You can clear a few free fire zones to help you out.

Can the DNR come on private property in MN?

A: Yes. In Minnesota, conservation officers (COs) are empowered to “enter any land to carry out their duties” as specified in state law.

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Can you track a deer on private property MN?

If you must trespass for any reason get permission first. If you hunt where there is a potential need to track a deer onto private property, get permission before the season opens and you can avoid the issue of finding the owner at the last minute.

Can a 13 year old hunt alone?

Answer: If you have a valid junior license, you may hunt by yourself with a firearm. However, if you are using a HANDGUN, then you either need to be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult, or have the written permission of a parent. Firearms laws are contained in the California Penal Code.

Do you need a license to hunt on your own land in Minnesota?

People who wish to hunt on these lands must obtain permission from the landowner, and it is up to the landowner to determine how much public hunting is appropriate.

How many deer can you shoot with a bow in MN?


A person may obtain one regular firearms season deer license, one muzzleloader season deer license, and one archery season deer license in the same license year, but may not tag more than one deer except as provided in subdivisions 3 and 4.

Is 5 acres enough to hunt?

The only way five acres would be large enough to hunt on would be if it were private property adjacent to or surrounded by national forest. Then you could plant a food plot and wait until the deer came to you.

Is 4 acres enough to hunt?

Registered. love these small spots – yes, 4 acres is enough. just be careful of how and where you hunt it. second – i have hunted plenty of places that are near homes and have NEVER had a deer leave the woods and die in someones back yard.

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How many acres do deer need to live?

There are a lot of variables that determine the optimal deer density for a property, but 20-30 acres per deer is a relatively safe goal to start out with. That number will fluctuate, depending on your location’s resources and many other variables, and will actually fluctuate across all four seasons.

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