How do you kill a bear in rdr2?

Can you kill the bear at the start of rdr2?

While riding with Charles, Arthur will talk about Kieran Duffy if “Old Friends” was completed first. It is impossible to kill the bear during this mission.

Can I rob the Valentine bank?

Trivia. The bank robbery mission is the only way the player can gain access to the interior of the bank. Other than that, the bank is inaccessible in both Red Dead 2 and Red Dead Online.

How do you kill a perfect bear?

Bear Perfect Quality Kill Weapons.

  1. Use Predator Bait and Herbivore Bait.
  2. Bow with Poison Arrow.
  3. Bow with Improved Arrow.
  4. Throwable with Poison Throwing Knife.
  5. Rifle with Regular.
  6. Rifle with Split Point.
  7. Rifle with High Velocity.
  8. Rifle with Express.

What is the best weapon to kill the legendary Bear?

Which weapons are best to hunt the legendary bear? When you hunt a bear it is worth going with a heavy weapon. A rifle or a shotgun will be the best: Rifle – from the rifle you can shoot from a long distance, but you have to make some precise shots.

Should I use bait or split up rdr2?

If you choose Split Up, you and Hosea are going to go your separate ways to look for clues. You will eventually come across a clue, (or bear marks, if you will). You’ll have to shoo the bear away with bullets. If, on the other hand, you opt to Leave Bait, then Hosea and you will wait in hiding for the bear to come.

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How old is Arthur Morgan?

Arthur Morgan is the Main Protagonist and playable character in the Story of Red Dead Redemption 2. Member of the Van der Linde Gang, Arthur is Dutch’s trusted right arm, and the main story protagonist in Red Dead Redemption 2. As of 1899, he is 36 years old. The life of an outlaw is all Arthur Morgan has ever know.

What happens if I sell the legendary Bear pelt?

In the case of Legendary Pelts, selling one will give him multiple sections to work with – so one Legendary Bear Pelt can be used to craft a Legendary Bear Head Hat, Bear Coat, and Bear Ropers. In addition to the Outfit Sets featured below, the Trapper also sells individual clothing, items, and upgrades.

What happens if you leave legendary pelt?

Legendary animals don’t respawn. If you lose the legendary pelt from your horse it will be automatically transfered to the trapper. The only con is that you can get the money from actually selling it.

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