Frequent question: Is Wild Turkey Rare Breed Single Barrel?

Wild Turkey uses a single mashbill for all of their bourbons and bottles Rare Breed at barrel proof.

Is Wild Turkey Rare Breed blended?

Rare Breed is a barrel strength blend from Wild Turkey Bourbon, introduced as an up-label release. It incorporates a blend of 6, 8 and 12 year old whiskeys.

Is Wild Turkey Rare Breed top shelf?

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Today, Rare Breed is in contention for most affordable barrel proof bourbon on the shelf. After many years of waiting, Wild Turkey rye fans’ prayers were answers, as the company introduced Rare Breed Rye in summer of 2020.

What is the strongest Wild Turkey?

The Whiskey

The Wild Turkey Distillery is home of the Wild Turkey 101, one of America’s bestselling Kentucky straight Bourbons. With its high alcohol content of 101 proof (50.5% ABV) it is the strong flagship of the distillery.

Is Wild Turkey Rare Breed chill filtered?

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye is a blend of four-, six-, and eight-year-old non-chill filtered ryes.

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