Frequent question: How many arctic foxes live in the tundra?

The Arctic fox population is several hundred thousand but fluctuates with the available lemming population. The population of San Joaquin kit foxes is estimated to be as low as 3,000 individuals. Swift fox population numbers in the wild are unknown, but they are found in less than 40% of their historic range.

Can arctic foxes kill you?

Some animals, such as the arctic fox, arctic dogs and arctic wolves are potential carriers of rabies. Close contact to arctic foxes is potentially dangerous because of rabies. Fox bites can be dangerous to humans.

What do Arctic foxes get eaten by?

Why is the arctic fox in danger?

Threats. The scarcity of prey is the most prevalent threat for the Arctic fox. Disease and genetic pollution of the species by foxes bred in captivity also threatens this species.

Fennec foxes, red foxes, arctic foxes, pale foxes and other non threatened species, regardless of their colour, can be legally possessed without the need of a license. The foxes must come from breeders, fur farms or zoological facilities. Keeping a wild-caught fox as a pet is illegal.

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