Do bears hibernate in Georgia?

Do bears really hibernate in Georgia? Not in the strict definition of hibernate. During the winter months, bears in Georgia usually will enter into dens and their bodies will enter into a state known as torpor. This action is driven primarily by temperature and food availability.

How long do black bears hibernate in Georgia?

When the weather grows cold and the food supply finally dries up, they will retreat to their winter dens. Males bed down around mid-December and emerge in mid-March; females, which give birth during the winter and stay with their cubs for two years, remain in their dens longer, from late November to mid-April.

What month do bears hibernate in Georgia?

It is almost time for the Appalachia Georgia black bears to go into den for their long winter nap. Our bears generally den from late December through April. We often call it hibernation, but black bears are not true hibernators like ground squirrels or groundhogs.

Do black bears hibernate in the South?

For the black bear, hibernation is more an adaptation for escaping winter food scarcity than an adaptation for escaping winter cold. … Hibernation lasts up to 7 months in the northern regions but is shorter in the South. Bears that find food year-round in the South may not hibernate at all.

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Where are bears located in Georgia?

Bear populations exist in the north Georgia mountains, along the Ocmulgee River drainage in central Georgia, and in/around the Okefenokee Swamp in southeast Georgia. Natural range expansion also has been documented in recent years.

Are bears attracted to garbage?

Bears love garbage. … Since dumps, compost piles and other human garbage sources contain concentrated sources of calorie-rich foods, they are extremely attractive to bears, especially in the fall. The most important way to minimize human-bear conflicts is to keep garbage away from bears.

What to do if you see a bear in Georgia?

Act aggressively to intimidate the bear. Act together as a group if you have companions. Make yourselves look as large as possible (for example, move to higher ground). Throw non-food objects such as rocks at the bear.

How do most bears die?

Nearly all adult bears die from human-related causes. A few are killed by vehicles. Most are shot. The average age at which bears are shot in Minnesota is 2 for males and 3 for females.

What do bears actually do during hibernation?

Grizzly bears and black bears generally do not eat, drink, defecate, or urinate during hibernation. Bears live off of a layer of fat built up during the summer and fall months prior to hibernation. … Bears continue to produce some feces during hibernation yet they do not defecate (Rogers 1981).

What big cats live in Georgia?

The bobcat is Georgia’s largest wild cat, although there are rare exceptions when a Florida panther might wander into the state.

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Can you shoot bears in Georgia?

Bear Hunting Statewide Restrictions

It is illegal to kill a female bear with cubs or bears under 75 pounds. … Bear hunting with dogs is only allowed in the Southern Bear Zone, except in Lanier and Lowndes Countis, where only still hunting is allowed.

What kind of bears do we have in Georgia?


Considered the largest, native terrestrial mammal currently living in Georgia, the black bear (Ursus americanus) is a keystone species that symbolizes the wild qualities of the state. Black bears can typically be found in three distinct regions of Georgia (Figure 1).

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