Can you shoot ducks on the water in Florida?

During open seasons, hunting ducks, geese and coots is permitted only on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the state waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Hernando County north of Raccoon Point and east of Saddle Key as designated by posted signs.

Can you duck hunt on any lake in Florida?

Almost every body of water in the state offers at least some opportunities for duck hunting, except, of course, those lakes, rivers and bays in large urban areas such as Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami.

What do you need to hunt ducks in Florida?

License Requirements to Hunt Waterfowl in Florida: Unless exempt, those hunting Public Waterfowl Areas must have a valid Hunting License, Florida Waterfowl and Management Area Permits, and a Migratory Bird Permit. All hunters 16 and older must also possess a current Federal Duck Stamp.

How many wood ducks can you kill in Florida?

The daily bag limit is six ducks per person and the limit shall consist or no more than one four mallards, four scooters, three wood ducks, two scaup, two redheads, two pintails, two canvasbacks, one fulvous whistling duck, one mottled duck, and one black duck.

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How many ducks can you kill?

7/day, which may include: 7 mallards (no more than 2 females or Mexican-like ducks), 1 pintail, 2 canvasback, 2 redheads, 2 scaup. Possession limit triple the daily bag. 24/day, up to 20 white geese, up to 4 dark geese. Possession limit triple the daily bag.

What ducks can I shoot in Florida?

2021-2022 Florida Migratory Bird Hunting Season Dates and Bag Limits

Species/Season Season Dates Daily Bag Limit
Duck (W) Sept. 18-22 (teal and wood duck only) Sept. 23-26 (teal only) Nov. 20-28 Dec. 11 – Jan. 30 **
Dove (mourning and white-winged) Sept. 25 – Oct. 17 Nov. 13 – Dec. 5 Dec. 19 – Jan. 31 15
Snipe Nov. 1 – Feb. 15 8

Can I kill a duck?

Under the act, it’s a federal crime to “pursue, hunt, take, capture or kill” migratory birds. The list of protected species has soared to 1,026, including common fowl like crows, ducks and finches.

Is it illegal to feed ducks in Florida?

To be clear: feeding ducks is not against the law in Florida. … In court, the judge ordered the defendant to stop feeding the ducks, commenting that the man was “just creating a bigger problem by feeding the ducks.”

How do you attract ducks in Florida?

Just like deer, ducks are attracted to areas where there is sufficient cover and food. By allowing unwanted plants to take over your pond you minimize the chances of drawing in waterfowl. Instead, plant seed blends that will make your property more attractive to waterfowl.

How do I become a duck scout in Florida?

The following 10 tips from these experts will help you scout more efficiently and effectively for better waterfowl hunting this fall.

  1. Talk to Landowners Prior to the Season. …
  2. Follow the Birds. …
  3. Target Loafing Areas. …
  4. Find Feeding Areas. …
  5. Scout Weather and Cover. …
  6. Watch Other Hunters. …
  7. Build a Network. …
  8. Stay Flexible.
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Can you duck hunt anywhere?

You absolutely must know your duck species to duck hunt legally practically anywhere. This is because not all ducks are fair game at the same time, and depending on conservation, they may not be available to hunt at all during some seasons – even if they were last year.

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