Can you see polar bears in Moosonee?

At the outset, however, you should know that a major disappointment lies in store: no polar bears and no moose. Moosonee, on the Moose River right across from Moose Factory, is too far north for moose. The last polar bear known to come anywhere near the route of the Polar Bear Express did so in 1958.

Are there polar bears in Moosonee?

It seems climate change is changing the bear’s habits and bringing them into communities where they have been very seldom seen before. … Communities like Moose Factory, Moosonee, Attawapiskat, Fort Albany, Kashechewan, and others are seeing polar bears in their communities for the first time in many years, if ever.

Can you see the northern lights in Cochrane?

Your journey would essentially start in Cochrane, where you’ll definitely want to stay for a night or two to search the night skies. A short 5-minute drive out of the town will bring you to dark areas perfect for viewing the Northern Lights.

Are there polar bears in Moose Factory?

We have been informed that a polar bear with cubs is in the area of the Moose Factory dump. As a polar bear with cubs can be very dangerous we strongly recommend that all community members avoid going to the dump at this time, including the road to the dump.

Are there polar bears in Thunder Bay Ontario?

THUNDER BAY – Bears are no strangers in Northwestern Ontario, with black bears roaming the woods and polar bears hunting along the Hudson Bay and James Bay coasts. … “There’s no surprise that black bears are around. They are around in the forest around there.

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