Can you hunt elk in New Zealand?

Trophy Elk can only be hunted in-game estates in New Zealand, as free-ranging populations have almost all disappeared. Good genetic quality ensures a rewarding elk hunt in New Zealand, with trophy elk scoring up to and over SCI 400.

Is there elk in New Zealand?

Elk in New Zealand are the Rocky Mountain Elk, and are raised commercially for venison and hunting. They were first introduced in the early 1900s, but did not fare well.

Can foreigners hunt in New Zealand?

Guided or independent hunting is open to non-resident hunters with a firearms licence and permit issued by the Department of Conservation. Because of the number of large game species and varied terrain available, New Zealand is a popular destination for hunting-based tourism.

How much does it cost to hunt in New Zealand?

5 Day Red Stag Hunting packages – North Island Estate

1 on 1 Stag Packages SCI Score Current Price USD
Bronze up to 325 $4,500
Silver 325-350 $6,000
High Silver 350-375 $7,500
Gold 375-400 $9,500

What kind of deer live in New Zealand?

Red deer hunting

Find out about red deer – the most widespread deer species in New Zealand.

Can you hunt for free in New Zealand?

No hunting license is required in New Zealand so there’s a good savings right there. And if you want a more do-it-yourself camp experience, you can get the cost down to $5,000 during the early season by staying in an efficiency unit and making a few of your own meals each day.

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Do you need a tag to hunt in New Zealand?

New Zealand is an incredible hunting destination: spectacular mountain scenery, endless public land and a pantheon of exotic species to hunt all without tags, licenses, trophy fees or the necessity of hiring a guide.

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