Can you hunt does in New Mexico?

Getting Started. If you hope to pursue deer on public lands in New Mexico, you must enter the lottery process the state Department of Game and Fish conducts each year. Those selected in the random drawings can then purchase the licenses required to hunt deer legally on public lands in New Mexico.

What can you hunt in NM?

Whether you’re hunting grouse, squirrels, quail or waterfowl, or holding out for that elusive trophy bull elk, mule deer or pronghorn, New Mexico’s hunting opportunities are as abundant and diverse as its terrain and habitat.

Do you need a license to hunt rabbit in New Mexico?

Rabbits and Other Nongame Species

New Mexico residents are not required to have a license to take nongame species. Nonresidents must possess either a Nonresident Nongame License or a current New Mexico nonresident game hunting license. Nongame species may be taken on U.S. Forest Service and BLM lands open to hunting.

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When can you hunt deer in New Mexico?

New Mexico Hunting Season Dates 2021

General deer season starts sept 1- nov 29 and elk season from Sept 1- Jan 31, pronghorn seasons are aug 1 – dec 15. Bighorn sheep seasons start aug 6 – Jan 3.

Are there elk in New Mexico?


Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) exist in New Mexico because the state and private individuals made persistent efforts to restore the animals between 1910 and 1966.

How much is a deer tag in New Mexico?

Over-the-Counter (OTC) License fees

License Type Resident* Nonresident
Private-land Deer License – Standard $34 $270
Private-land Deer License – Quality $34 $355
Private-land Deer License – Junior/Senior $22 Not Issued
Private-land Pronghorn License $53 $270

Can you kill squirrels in New Mexico?

Each legally licensed hunter can harvest a maximum of eight squirrels per day, known as a bag limit. The possession limit is 16 squirrels — this is the maximum number each hunter can have in the freezer. Remember to consume some squirrels if you are at the possession limit before going squirrel hunting again.

Can you hunt on your own land in New Mexico?

Private-land-only licenses can be applied for with special permission from a landowner. New Mexico law requires hunters to obtain private-land licenses 14 days in advance of the start of a hunt. This allows time for licenses and tags to be mailed to the customer’s address.

Can you hunt with an AR in New Mexico?

All firearms, except handguns, must be designed to be fired from the shoulder. Hunters must use only bullets designed to expand or fragment upon impact. Full metal jacket (FMJ) and tracer bullets are illegal. No fully automatic firearms may be used.

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How much does it cost to hunt mule deer in New Mexico?

State Hunting License – Non-Resident $365 Standard Unit.

Can you buy over the counter deer tags in New Mexico?

Hunters may buy the Game Hunting license, the Habitat Stamp and the Habitat Management Access Validation by logging into their account and clicking the Over-The-Counter (OTC) Licenses, Permits and Stamps link under License Sales 2020.

How much does a New Mexico fishing license cost?

License Purchases Make Conservation Possible

License Type Resident* Nonresident
Annual Fishing $25.00 $56.00
One-day Fishing 12.00 12.00
Five-day Fishing 24.00 24.00
Junior Annual Fishing (age 12–17) 5.00 15.00

Does Mexico have whitetail deer?

Coues Deer—Mexico. Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. The Coues deer is the smallest of all whitetails, found in the mountains of Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico.

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