Can you hunt bear with a Mosin Nagant?

Sure, a Mosin Nagant is a most excellent Bear rifle. I hunt Brown bears, Black bears and my son does too, as well as a couple Polar bears now.

Is 7.62 x54r good for bear?

Registered. As I understand, 7.62x54r is used to kill moose as well as polar bears, so an M38 should take care of an errant bear in the woods just as well. So long as you can place your shot quickly and accurately, of course.

What can you hunt with a 7.62 x54r?

cooker, there is not a game animal in the world that the 7.62x54R round is incapable of taking down, up to and including an African elephant. It’s a matter of the load. You can handload anything you like, of course, but the available commercial softpoint loads range from 147 grain to 203 grain.

Can 7.62 x54r kill a moose?

It will kill moose and elk, but it’s light for that in the same way that the . 30-06 is light for that. Dang I took a nap today and when I woke up the 30-06 and 7.62x54r had become “light” for moose and elk.

Will 7.62 x54r kill an elk?

The 7.62x54r is ballistic-ally somewhere between a . 308 and a 30-06. So a 30 caliber bullet, 180 grains or heavier, launched at that velocity should kill elk all day long. Either of those loads should work, as long as they’re accurate (and you know how they shoot).

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Is a Mosin Nagant a good hunting rifle?

According to Chuck Hawks, a rifle length Mosin with a 180 grain or heavier controlled expansion bullet is just enough for Brown Bear, Grizzly, and Polar Bear. A Mosin effectively can kill a deer at 600 yards. It’s a decent hunting rifle. The Mosin Nagant can be a great option for a hunting rifle.

How powerful is 7.62 x54?

The 174 grain 7.62×54 bullet travels at 2610 fps and delivers 2,650 ft⋅lbf of muzzle energy. The 7.62x54r has a max pressure of 56,565 psi. The 7.62×51 has a max pressure of 60,191 psi. The increased pressure of the 7.62×51 cartridge is how it is able to obtain similar performance in smaller case.

Is 7.62x54R the same as 308?

The 7.62x54R is totally different from the . 308,also know as the 7.62×51. See the difference in names. The 7.62x54R has a bullet whose diameter is .

Is 30.06 the same as 7.62 x54?

Banned. They’re both about the same. Surplus 7.62 bullets are about 147 gr, and can go over 200 gr (I think 203 gr), and the 30-06 bullets can go from 110 gr, to about 240 gr.

How far will a 7.62x54R travel?

Longer and heavier than the 7.62×39-millimeter round used in the AK series of assault rifles, a PK with the 7.62x54R round has an effective range of 800 to 1,000 yards, versus only about 350 yards for an AK-47.

Can you hunt with a Mosin Nagant in Ohio?

Registered. A Mosin will do just fine for take down/reassembly practice. No matter where you get it from you should totally disassemble it and clean the cosmoline out.

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