Can u hunt deer over bait in Ontario?

It remains legal for hunters, during hunting season, to use bait to lure deer for harvest, Kowalski said in an email. … “Also during hunting season, what you are baiting the animal with doesn’t really matter if you plan to harvest the animal anyway.”

Can you over bait deer?

Use No.

Some hunters use bait to hold deer on their property, but don’t hunt over it. This is a common tactic in the Southeast. It can be effective, especially in areas lacking in quality browse or agricultural food sources. When doing this, it’s a good practice to place the bait in the center of the property.

Can you bait deer with apples in Ontario?

Baiting deer is no more illegal than hunting deer in corn fields, alfalfa fields, apple orchards, acorn stands, bedding areas, scrape lines, etc….you get my drift. Yes. Location: Eastern Ont.

Is hunting over bait cheating?

If its “cheating” to be able to assure yourself that you aren’t about to shoot a sow with cubs, then again the answer is yes. If its “cheating” to set bait site and stand to assure yourself of an opportunity to make a one shot kill, then the answer is yes, again.

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Can you bait deer before season?

It is legal to feed anything except for game zones 1 and 2 where it is legal to feed deer but not hunt over (baiting). It is legal to feed deer but not to bait deer from 10 days prior to season start through hunting season.

Do deer like apples or corn better?

Apples attract deer, in which are going to pull the bucks. As for bucks like them only. NO way, they all like them, but I wouldnt say they like them more than corn. If you put corn and apples together in a bait pile, the apples will be eaten by deer first, then the corn.

Will cut up apples attract deer?

Most deer never have the opportunity to eat apples, so your scent might be a deterrent to them working up the gumption to try ’em or biting through the skin. If you have some more, try cutting a few in half. That might get them to try them, and once they eat one, they’ll be all over ’em.

Will apples attract deer?

Sugar Beets and Apples

Like most people, deer love a sweet and tasty treat. That’s why sugar beets and apples are two of the best deer baits available. Sugar beets can be offered whole, as a planting in a deer plot or in crushed or compacted varieties.

How long does it take deer to find a bait pile?

Registered. 1-3 days they should be on it good. If it is well traveled.

Can I put a salt lick in my yard?

Place corn feeders in several areas of your yard. Feeders should be placed far from the house to increase the chances of attracting the deer. … Place a salt block, also called a salt lick, in your yard. Deer are attracted to the sodium in salt blocks and are drawn to an area where they are placed.

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