Best answer: How is the elk hunting in November?

November elk are tough animals to hunt, but there are a couple things that can help you out. … If an early winter cold front brings a big snowstorm, elk can be easier to find. Deep snow will force elk to migrate to lower elevations and they’ll often start to bunch up into larger winter herds.

What are elk doing in November?

So many water sources of last year are dried up and the elk become more concentrated. There are still small bulls hanging with the herd in early November. The big bulls are split off, but they too may be beginning to bachelor up with some others. And they will be eating and feeding to prep for winter.

How do you hunt elk in late season?


  1. The rut doesn’t come only once a year. According to Waller, around four weeks after the peak of the rut, cow elk that did not get bred will go into a second estrus reigniting the bugling and rut activity. …
  2. Follow the herd. …
  3. Get a participation trophy. …
  4. Stop in the name of love. …
  5. Give them a cold call.
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What do elk eat in late season?

As grazers, elk cling to a mostly grass diet for as long as possible before moving to browse foods. Pocket meadows and windswept ridgelines and faces can be excellent places to begin glassing during the first and last hour of daylight. Pay close attention to treelines as mature bulls tend to hang close to cover.

What is the best season to hunt elk?

Time of Year: Although slightly affected by elevation and latitude, peak rut season tends to fall near the first day of fall and runs through the first half of October. This is the best time of year to plan your hunt if you hope to take home a trophy bull.

Do elk bugle in November?

The post rut in early October to late November

Big bull Elk will tend to break off into solo or small groups and they can be hard to find in the post rut. … Making the post rut a crucial time of year when to use Elk calls.

Why are elk so hard to hunt?

Elk are more difficult to hunt than deer. Deer are smaller than elk. This difference in size gives elk more muscle mass than deer. Due to this, elk have the ability to cover much more ground at a much faster pace than any deer.

What is the best time to hunt elk in Colorado?

Midday is a great time to hunt but the tactics change a bit. Around 11:00 a.m., many some hunters are feeling bored, tired, and ready to head back to camp for a break or they decide to go find another place to hunt and head out aimlessly looking for new scenery.

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Is snow good for elk hunting?

But snow is good for the elk hunter, because you can see the elk’s tracks easily, and you can follow the tracks to find out where they’re bedding and feeding. … Most elk hunters don’t want to leave their trucks as early as I do, and they usually don’t want to climb to 10,000 feet before they start hunting.

Where do elk hide during the day?

Day beds are not where elk lounge at night. During the day, hunt in jungles of lodgepole pine or second-growth Douglas fir. In warm weather, look for elk to bed high on north slopes where timber is thick but breezes keep flies at bay.

How much snow does it take to push elk down?

The amount of snow required to push elk to lower elevations varies from herd to herd and even elk to elk. Two feet seems to be the threshold where large groups begin to at least consider migrating downhill toward easier and more abundant forage.

Do elk move when snowing?

According to CPW Biologist Brian Dreher, it is pretty well established that once snow depths reach the 15 to 18 inches, elk will migrate to areas with less snow for easier access to food. However, if they have to run a gauntlet of hunters they may stay a little bit longer.

Which state has the best elk hunting?

The Best Hunting States

  • Best Elk Hunting States:
  • Arizona. Arizona is a state that takes years and years to draw and when you do draw, the hunting will be very good. …
  • Nevada. Nevada has some incredible elk and you can buy landowner permits. …
  • Montana. …
  • Wyoming. …
  • Washington and California. …
  • Colorado and New Mexico. …
  • Oregon.
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How much is a Colorado elk tag?

Resident Licenses

​License Type 2021
Elk License $56.88
​​​​Pronghorn License ​$41.28
Bear License ​$39.75
​Mountain Lion License ​$51.68

What time of day do elk bugle the most?

Especially during peak elk bugling season in September, it is common in the Kawuneeche Valley to hear males bugling through the crisp mornings just before dawn and tranquil evenings just before dusk.

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