Your question: What hunting season is it now in Michigan?

Early Antlerless, Firearms Sept. 19-20
Independence Hunt Oct. 15-18
Archery Oct. 1-Nov. 14, Dec. 1-Jan. 1
Regular Firearm Nov. 15-30
Muzzleloader Dec. 4-13

Can you shoot a buck in Michigan right now?

They can shoot any buck they want,” Stewart said. The statewide limit for private-land anterless license purchase is 10 per hunter. That offers hunters “maximum opportunity” when managing abundant deer on their property.

What hunting zone is Michigan?

Michigan is divided into a northern zone and a southern limited firearm deer zone where only shotguns, certain firearms and certain handguns may be used for deer hunting (see Equipment Regulations).

Can you shoot a doe with a combo tag in Michigan?

The deer combo license is valid for use during the archery, firearm and muzzleloader seasons. A hunter can use both kill tags in the firearm seasons, both in the archery season or one in each season. Antlerless deer license, available based on license quotas set for each Deer Management Unit (DMU).

Is there a late doe season in Michigan?

Late Antlerless Firearm: Dec. 13, 2021 – Jan. 1, 2022.

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Can you bait deer in Michigan in 2020?

Baiting deer is illegal in Michigan’s lower peninsula and parts of the UP. The DNR says it’s important for hunters to understand why this is the law: “There’s bait being sold all over the lower peninsula but to use that bait is against the law.

Can you hunt on January 1st in Michigan?

1 through January 1, according to the 2020 Michigan Hunting Digest. The limit for each hunter is one kill per tag. Following the archery season, the regular firearm season will begin on November 15 and run through November 30. The muzzleloading season runs from December 4-13.

Can you bait deer in Michigan in 2021?

Baiting and recreational feeding of deer remains illegal throughout the Lower Peninsula and the Core CWD Area in the Upper Peninsula. The ban is in place to lower the risk of the spread of chronic wasting disease and bovine tuberculosis, according to the DNR.

What counties in Michigan have antler restrictions?

A group in the Thumb area of Michigan has proposed implementing mandatory antler point restrictions in Tuscola, Huron, Sanilac, Lapeer and St. Clair counties.

Can you bait deer on your own property in Michigan?

Baiting deer remains illegal in most of Michigan after a bill to end the existing ban was vetoed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. … Baiting is currently illegal in the entire Lower Peninsula and a 660-square mile range in the Upper Peninsula.

Can you shoot two bucks in Michigan?

Hunters can use both tags during firearm seasons, both during the archery hunting period or one during each season. Kill tags provided with these licenses can be used for bucks or antlerless deer during archery season and bucks only during firearm and muzzleloader season.

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