Where are most of the elk in Kentucky?

South Fork Elk View: The largest elk herd in Kentucky resides in Breathitt County, and a viewing area has been established for visitors. From Jackson, which is located on KY 15 between Hazard and the Mountain Parkway, drive south on KY 15 for 3 miles, and then turn left on KY 1098.

Where are elk located in Kentucky?

The elk restoration zone covers 16 counties in the southeast region of the state (approximately 4.1 million acres). The current estimated population is approximately 11,000 animals. Kentucky has the highest elk population of any state east of the Mississippi River.

Is there elk hunting in Kentucky?

Kentucky’s elk hunting zone encompasses more than 4.3 million acres across 16 southeastern counties. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife offers numerous public access areas for hunting. The Kentucky elk zone is split into elk units to distribute hunting pressure across the elk zone.

How many elk tags can you have in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife commission proposed keeping the number of elk permits at 710 for the 2018-2019 elk seasons. The commission recommended issuing 250 bull permits, comprised of 100 bull elk archery and 150 bull elk firearm permits.

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Is there a elk season in Kentucky?

Bull Firearm – 150. Cow Firearm – 244. Archery/ Crossbow (Cow or Bull)- 175.

Number of Permits Available in the 2021 Elk Hunt Drawing:

Permits Dates
Either sex Archery/ Crossbow Week 1: Sept. 11 – 24, 2021 Week 2: Dec. 4-10, 2021
Youth All seasons as noted above

How many elk were released in Kentucky?

The elk were pulled from six Western states — Arizona, Kansas, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah — then released into the Bluegrass.By 2002, 1,541 elk were released into the Kentucky elk restoration zone. Now the population is estimated at 13,106, according to a 2019 report.

How much does it cost to hunt elk in KY?

License and Permit Fees

LICENSE / PERMIT Resident Nonresident
Quota Cow Elk Permit (if drawn) $60.00 $400.00
Quota (Either Sex) Archery/Crossbow permit (if drawn) $100.00 $550.00
Youth Elk Permit (if drawn) $30.00 $200.00
Out-of-Zone Elk Permit $30.00 $400.00

Can you buy a Kentucky elk tag?

You can purchase any licenses and permits here. Under the “permit” section you can select “Elk Antlerless Firearm Drawing,” “Elk Antlered Firearm Drawing,” and/or “Elk Either-Sex Archery/Crossbow Drawing.” You can apply for all three elk drawing permit types.

Where is the best place to hunt elk?

The Best Hunting States

  • Best Elk Hunting States:
  • Arizona. Arizona is a state that takes years and years to draw and when you do draw, the hunting will be very good. …
  • Nevada. Nevada has some incredible elk and you can buy landowner permits. …
  • Montana. …
  • Wyoming. …
  • Washington and California. …
  • Colorado and New Mexico. …
  • Oregon.
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