What states can you hunt moose in the US?

What US states allow moose hunting?

Moose seasons were open in 11 of the Lower 48 states: Washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Colorado, Minnesota, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Overall, 6,213 moose were harvested by legal hunters south of the Canadian border in the 2000-2001 hunting season.

What state is the easiest to get a moose tag?

Draw odds from 10%-25% are not uncommon in Idaho, which is truly astounding compared to many other western states that can easily take 20+ years to draw a Shiras moose tag. With drawing odds often better than 1 in 10, applying for Shiras moose in Idaho is a no-brainer.

Can you hunt moose in Montana?

Montana Moose Hunts

If a hunter is interested in hunting moose, they must apply for a special permit for each by applying on line at fwp.mt.gov and designating HD 130, the one hunting district we are permitted to guide for moose.

Can you shoot moose in Alaska?

Alaska resident moose hunters:

Season: August 24–28 and September 8–17. Bag limit: one bull moose. No quota.

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Which state has most moose?

Currently, most moose occur in Canada, Alaska, New England (with Maine having the most of the lower 48 states), New York State, Fennoscandia, the Baltic states, Poland, and Russia.


Moose Temporal range: Early Pleistocene to Recent
Species: A. alces
Binomial name
Alces alces (Linnaeus, 1758)
Moose range map

What lower 48 state has the most moose?

Maine is home to the highest population of moose in the Lower 48, estimated at up to 70,000 animals.

What states can you buy over the counter moose tags?

In Alaska, tags for caribou and moose can be purchased over the counter and both species can often be targeted on the same hunt. Hunters who are frustrated by the low probability of ever drawing a moose tag in the Lower 48 should consider Alaska. But, remember, a DIY Alaska hunt requires a lot of pre-trip planning.

How many moose can you kill in Idaho?

Answer: You can harvest one male and one female moose in Idaho under the current rules.

How much does a moose tag cost in Montana?

(a) antlered moose–resident, $125; nonresident, $1,250; (b) mountain goat–resident, $125; nonresident, $1,250; (c) ram mountain sheep–resident, $125; nonresident, $1,250; (d) grizzly bear–resident, $150; nonresident, $1,000.

How much is a Montana elk hunt?

Rifle Hunts

Elk – 6 Day Hunt (very difficult draw) $5,750
Antelope – 3 Day Hunt $2,500
Big Horn Sheep – 6 Day Hunt Call for Pricing
Cow Elk – 2 Day Hunt $2,000
Cow Elk added to Mule Deer Hunt $750

How much does it cost to hunt moose in Montana?

License holders may legally take one moose subject to all specifications on the license issued. Fees: Resident: $125. Nonresident: $1,250.

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