What part of Montana has grizzly bears?

MISSOULA — Montana is home to grizzly bears – reaching heights up to eight feet tall and weighing up to 800 pounds, among the largest omnivores in North America.

What part of Montana has the most grizzly bears?

The Northern Continental Divide area covers about 7.6 million acres in The Rocky Mountain section of north west Montana but also extends into Alberta. From information I can gathered, in 2004 the grizzly bear population was estimated at 765 bears (95% CI 715-831) in the U.S. portion of the area.

Does Bozeman MT have grizzly bears?

Residents on the west slope of the Bridger Mountains north of Bozeman have also reported “bears in the yard” earlier than usual this year. … The official count of 603 grizzlies this summer is three times what it was in 1975, when grizzly bear hunting was outlawed and the bruins were placed on the endangered species list.

Are grizzly bears a problem in Montana?

Tens of thousands of grizzly bears once inhabited North America but most were wiped out early last century by hunting and trapping, including in central Montana. They have been protected in the U.S. outside Alaska as a species in threat of extinction since 1975.

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Are there alot of grizzly bears in Montana?

Montana is bear country.

The official animal of the state of Montana, grizzly bears reside mostly in western Montana but are increasingly roaming into areas where they have not occupied for decades. They are currently protected in the lower 48 states as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

Are there bears in Big Timber Montana?

While hiking in the main Boulder River drainage south of Big Timber, a black bear heard him approach. … The bear was relatively small, about 100 pounds, but there was no mistaking its intent as it churned down the slope.

Are there bears in Billings Montana?

Wildlife officials in Montana have confirmed the presence of a grizzly bear in the Big Snowy Mountains, a first for the region. May 5, 2021, at 1:46 p.m. BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Wildlife officials in Montana have confirmed the presence of a grizzly bear in the Big Snowy Mountains, a first for the region.

How common are grizzly bear attacks in Montana?

Fatal attacks on humans in the NCDE region are rare, with three such incidents over the past 20 years, per the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (via the AP).

Can you shoot a bear on your property in Montana?

Current law says it’s legal to kill or attempt to kill a grizzly bear in self-defense, or if the bear is “in the act of attacking or killing” livestock.

What to do if you see a bear Montana?

If you see a bear, don’t run. Most of the time, the bear will run away from you. In the unlikely event that it does charge, stand your ground and don’t fire your bear spray until the bear is within 20 feet of you. Spray toward its feet, moving the can back and forth.

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