What is the best 44 magnum revolver for hunting?

What is the best 44 Magnum ever made?

Best . 44 Magnum Rifles

  • Henry Big Boy.
  • Marlin 1894 Lever-Action.
  • Smith and Wesson Model 29.
  • Ruger Super Redhawk.
  • F. LLI Pietta 1873 SA Revolver (Colt Peacemaker Recreation)
  • Magnum Research Desert Eagle . 44 Magnum.

Why is 44 Magnum so expensive?

The cost to manufacture. More brass, more propellant, more lead, less common and less demand, all mean the round will be more expensive which is generally the circumstances for . 44 magnum. Now, some people will tell you that simply because it is a bigger bullet/round it will be more expensive.

How far will a 44 mag kill a deer?

Seriously, with good bullets a . 44 mag can take deer out to 80 or 100 yards. However, most people can’t shoot well enough at 100 yards with a revolver to consistently take deer, especially with open sights.

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