What is required to hunt dove in Oklahoma?

Every hunter needs a HIP permit and a valid Oklahoma hunting license during dove season, except on Sept. 1 and 2 which are free hunting days this year. Shooting hours are 30 minutes before sunrise to sunset wherever you are hunting. Don’t shoot over baited fields.

Can you shoot a dove on the ground?

What is Legal? You can hunt doves on, over, or from: Lands or areas where seeds or grains have been scattered solely as the result of normal agricultural operations, which include normal agricultural harvestings, normal agricultural post- harvest manipulations, or normal agricultural practices.

Is it illegal to kill doves?

Undated (AP) _ The dove is probably the most popular game bird in the United States, and regulations for hunting it are probably the most controversial. An estimated 50 million of the speedy birds are harvested by hunters each year. … Federal law is clear; it is illegal to shoot, or attempt to shoot, doves over bait.

What kind of doves live in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has three species of dove that can be harvested during the season. Mourning, white-winged, and Eurasian collared-dove maybe included in your bag limit. Be sure to check out bag limits and rules applying to each of these species before going out in the field.

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Where can you hunt doves in Oklahoma?

Top public lands for dove hunting in Oklahoma

  • Hackberry Flat — Oklahoma’s premier dove shoot. …
  • Mountain Park — Near Snyder, contains native sunflower fields and managed agricultural fields.

Is dove hunting better in the morning or evening?

▶ The best shooting is during those times when the birds are flying between roosting and feeding areas. In the morning, that’s generally between 8 and 10, and in the evening from 5:30 until about 7.

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