What is a slam in turkey hunting?

A slam is considered one of the biggest feats in turkey hunting. A hunter must harvest each species or subspecies of wild turkey listed under one of the six recognized slams in turkey hunting to complete a slam. If you want to test your turkey hunting skills and abilities, aim to complete one or all six slams.

How much is a Grand Slam turkey Hunt?

There are only a few of these Single Season Grand Slam hunts a spring available, so hurry up and book your hunt now in order to get this bucket list item checked off! you will never forget a Spring in the woods with Jeff. $12,000 includes: (1) Osceola & (1) Eastern in late March.

What is the hardest turkey to kill?

1. Easterns: Hunter pressure in tight habitats make this subspecies the most difficult in the country. More turkey hunters roam Eastern states than any of the others. An Alabama Eastern three-year-old longbeard might be the most difficult turkey of all.

What is it called when you kill all turkeys?

Turkey hunters love the pursuit of gobbling turkeys. … The Grand Slam of turkey hunting involves killing each of the four species found across the U.S. (Rio Grande, Merriam’s, Osceola, Eastern).

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Can you kill a turkey in every state?

To score a Super Slam, a hunter must take a turkey of any subspecies in each of the 49 American turkey states, a feat accomplished by just a dozen hunters who are still alive. One of them did it twice.

What is the U.S. Super Slam?

A Pennsylvania hunter has completed one of the most challenging goals in turkey hunting. … The accomplishment is what the National Wild Turkey Federation, aka NWTF, calls the U.S. Super Slam. As of this writing, only 11 other sportsmen have been certified for this achievement.

Are there turkeys in every state?

Eastern turkeys are the most populous in the country with a flock size of about 5.3 million. They’re found in every state east of the Missouri River, with transplant populations in Washington, Montana, and California. … According to hardcore turkey hunters, Easterns are the most difficult subspecies to hunt.

Are turkeys hard to kill?

When gobblers are hard to hunt, they are hard to hunt. That’s what we have here for you — three extremely tough-to-kill longbeards that exhibit very different actions. The key to killing these turkeys is understanding their personalities — and they do have personalities — before formulating a game plan.

Where can I kill a Merriam turkey?

Top 5 Merriam’s Turkey Hunting States

  • 5 | Colorado. Colorado Parks & Wildlife says Merriam’s population estimates are around 27,000 birds. …
  • 1 | Wyoming. …
  • 2 | Montana. …
  • 3 | South Dakota. …
  • 4 | New Mexico. …
  • 5 | Colorado. …
  • 1 | Wyoming.

Is turkey hunting harder than deer hunting?

The conclusion: The turkey is tougher. … Most good turkey hunters I know kill a “trophy” longbeard—often more than one—every spring. The same can’t be said for the good deer hunters and mature bucks.

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