What is a legal bull elk in Oregon?

Bull elk –Male elk with at least one visible antler. One elk – Either sex elk.

(67) “Spike-only bull elk” means a bull elk with at least one visible unbranched antler (a brow tine is not considered an antler branch under spike-only regulations).

Washington and Oregon are the only two Western states that do not prohibit use of bait for hunting deer and elk. … Only 14 percent of elk hunters supported using bait to hunt elk.

How much is an elk tag in Oregon?

License, Tag, & Permit Fees

Big Game Licenses and Tags
Description Resident Nonresident
Deer $28.50 $443.50
Elk $49.50 $588.00
Bighorn Sheep $142.00 $1,513.50

GOLD BEACH — General season black-tailed deer hunters will be allowed to shoot single-point spike bucks in Western Oregon beginning in 2020 under new hunting rules adopted by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Can you hunt with an AR 15 in Oregon?

Assault weapons: Oregon does not limit the sale or possession of military-style semiautomatic assault rifles like an AR 15. Extended capacity magazines: Oregon does not limit the number of rounds in a magazine except for hunting. … At least one in 16 Oregon adults has a concealed handgun license.

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Where is the best elk hunting in Oregon?

Good Elk Hunting Spots in Oregon

  • Siuslaw National Forest. Field and Stream magazine named Siuslaw National Forest one of the country’s top 10 public lands to hunt for elk. …
  • Umpqua National Forest. …
  • Umatilla National Forest. …
  • Mount Hood National Forest.

Can I shoot a cougar on my property in Oregon?

ATTENTION LANDOWNERS: Oregon law allows landowners to kill a cougar that is damaging livestock or property. If you experience cougar damage, call your local ODFW office.

For big game hunting, except for purposes of law enforcement or wildlife management, the use of decoys with any moving parts is prohibited for all big game species. …

How long is elk season in Oregon?

General Any Legal Weapon Seasons

Any Legal Weapon General Seasons
Western Oregon Nov. 6 – Nov. 12 West Cascade Elk
Nov. 13 – Nov. 16 Coast Elk 1st Season
Nov. 20 – Nov. 26 Coast Elk 2nd Season
Eastern Oregon Nov. 6 – Nov. 14 Rocky Mtn. Elk 2nd Season

Are there moose in Oregon?

The moose is the largest member of the family Cervidae. The first moose to come to Oregon wandered south from Washington or west from Idaho across the Palouse Prairie. … They stayed to establish a herd in the Blue Mountains north of Elgin, and today there are an estimated 50 adults and calves in the area.

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