Quick Answer: What gear do you need for spearfishing?

What gear do you need to go spearfishing?

Socks and Gloves

Socks are important for protection of your feet from stingers, blisters, sun and rocks/reef. Gloves are vital for spearfishing. After you have shot your fish you will need to grab it. Fish have spines, spikes and sharp teeth that can cause you a lot of trouble if you do not wear gloves.

How do you prepare for spearfishing?


  1. DIVE WITH A BUDDY. Shallow Water Blackouts result from a lack of oxygen in the brain called hypoxia. …
  2. USE A DIVE KNIFE. Dive knives are useful for effective fishing and safety. …

Do you need a buoy for spearfishing?

No need to overcomplicate things, unless you’re specifically chasing big fish. So you just need a length of float like to connect your float, to the base of your speargun. There are many different types of float lines available, the key here is to find one that floats, and won’t tangle as you dive. Like this.

How much weight do you need for spearfishing?

What’s The Right Amount of Weight? So, How much weight do you need? Of course, this isn’t an absolute (everyone is different), but start off by using 10-12% of your body weight and then adjust accordingly. Of course, the thickness of your wetsuit becomes a consideration (even your speargun).

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Can you spear fish on your own?

It is very dangerous to be spearfishing alone but the pleasureof it is biger. Keep your fish on top of the board, the knife always with you, be careful and if you know your abilities nothing will happens.

How do you attract fish spearfishing?

Some stores even sell small bottles of liquid scents and additives that you can use to attract swarms of fish. You can also use some scraps of leftover fish from yesterday’s meal or some old fish bait then mix them with a bunch of scents and spices to create burley.

How long should my float line be?

A good rule of thumb is to have about a third or more line than the depth you are diving. If you are in 10m of water, dive with 15m of line. If you are in 15m, use 20m of line… and in 20m, 30m of line…

How dangerous is spearfishing?

With Spearfishing you may encounter a variety of dangers including Sharks, shallow water blackout, heavy seas, strong currents, Jelly Fish, and risk drowning as a result fo line tangles. … Spearfishing exposes its participants to the wildest place left on earth, perhaps one of the few untamed places still available.

How much weight do you need for free diving?

Weights in the 0.5-1 kg/1-2 lb range are ideal. This will also more evenly distribute the weight around your body and allow for more streamlined freediving. It will also decrease your effort and increase your bottom time.

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How heavy should my weight belt be for diving?

Women should add 4 to 5 pounds of weight (about 2 kg) if they are diving in saltwater or subtract 4 to 5 pounds (about 2 kg) if diving in freshwater. Men should add 6 to 7 pounds (about 3 kg) if diving in saltwater or subtract 6 to7 pounds (about 3 kg) if diving in freshwater.

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