Quick Answer: What are three important facts to remember about black bears?

What is important about black bears?

Bears play an important role in the environment. … Bears also help to clean up carcasses and, as predators, they help keep populations such as deer and moose in balance. Bears are also a good indicator species.

What makes a black bear unique?

Black bears are omnivores, which means they can eat both plant and animal material. Black bears are also unique because they live in a very diverse range of habitats. … Black bears can be found all across North America in at from Canada to Mexico in at lest 40 states.

How long do black bears live?

Black bears can run 35 miles per hour and can live for more than 25 years.

Where do black bears sleep at night?

Most often they make a den under a rock, in a hollow tree, snuggled under a fallen tree, or in a brush pile. In the springtime, as snow melts and food sources become more available, bears wake up from their long hibernation.

What is a black bears favorite food?

Especially grass, black bears love grass which comprises most of their diet. During summer black bears also forage for ants and beetle larvae in fallen logs. And it’s during summer black bears are fond of eating fungi. Indeed Fungi does often form part of a black bear’s diet, especially mushrooms.

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What makes a bear special?

Bears are not mean or malicious; they are very gentle and tolerant animals. Mother bears are affectionate, protective, devoted, strict, sensitive and attentive with their young. Not unlike people, bears can be empathetic, fearful, joyful, playful, social and even altruistic.

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