Is it legal to feed elk in Washington state?

While the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) conducts winter feeding under certain conditions, we generally discourage citizens from feeding deer, elk and other wildlife species because of the potential for harm.

Is feeding wildlife illegal in Washington?

(1) A person may not negligently feed or attempt to feed large wild carnivores or negligently attract large wild carnivores to land or a building. (2) If a fish and wildlife officer, ex officio fish and wildlife officer, or animal control authority, as defined in RCW 16.30.

What do you feed a wild elk?

Judging by sheer quantity consumed, grass would appear to be the favored food. Elk gorge on grass year-round where it’s available, getting choosier about which kind during the summer when grasses are most abundant. Bluegrasses, wheatgrasses, bromegrasses, bunchgrasses and fescue are all popular picks.

Should you feed wild elk?

Supplemental feeding can cause elk to expend more energy by coercing them to travel farther and more often, and can increase winter starvation by luring in more animals than the feed can support. Feeding elk in Pennsylvania is illegal. … Supplemental feeding is harmful for elk and is illegal in Pennsylvania.

Can you bait elk in Washington state?

(2) Except as otherwise provided in this section, it is unlawful to hunt for deer and elk using any type of bait placed, exposed, deposited, distributed, scattered, or otherwise used for the purpose of attracting deer or elk with the intent to hunt them, if the volume of bait accessible to wildlife exceeds 10 gallons.

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What is an Elks favorite food?

Unlike deer that are opportunistic browsers, elk will consume a favorite food (aspen, choke cherry, oak) until there is no more left. They will then eat their second favorite food until it is also gone, followed by their third, and so on. Heavy elk browsing can significantly reduce plant diversity in an area.

Why are feeding grounds for elk and deer possibly a bad thing?

In addition, deer and elk digestive systems are set up to digest food differently throughout the year. Changing from natural to supplemental high quality feed can result in digestive problems, bloat and potentially death, especially in younger animals. Damage to vegetation near feed sites is another concern.

Do elk like hay?

Elk will consume grains (e.g. corn, oats). Elk can consume up to 20% of their diet in browse. … For a cow, calving to post-rut, feed grain, hay, and a high-quality feed rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Bulls should be fed well all year, but especially in the summer.

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