How fast is an arctic fox?

Arctic foxes can move fast when they want to, making short sprints of up to 50 kph (31 mph).

How high can a arctic fox jump?

Did you know that an Arctic fox can jump more than 2 feet in a single leap? As the name suggests, the Arctic fox lives in cold tundra and arctic regions.

How fast can a arctic fox swim?

Foxes swim like dogs, and they swim well. They will paddle in forward-motion circles with their paws. It’s slow progress but they are good swimmers, swimming at around 2-3 miles per hour.

Can an arctic fox kill you?

Some animals, such as the arctic fox, arctic dogs and arctic wolves are potential carriers of rabies. Close contact to arctic foxes is potentially dangerous because of rabies. Fox bites can be dangerous to humans.

What do arctic foxes get eaten by?

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