How far can you kill an elk with a muzzleloader?

It REALLY depends on you weapon, load and sight. A modern, scope sighted in-line, shooting quality bullets is capable of taking elk out to 200+ yards. Before last years elk hunt, I practiced at 200 and was shooting 3” groups.

Will a 50 cal muzzleloader kill an elk?

50 caliber rifle shooting a 260 to 300 grain pistol bullet in a sabot in front of a 100 to 120 grain powder charge will kill any elk on earth. A 385 to 480 grain conical in a . 50 or . 54 with a 100 to 120 grain powder charge will also kill very effectively.

How far can a 50 cal muzzleloader shoot?

muzzleloader. With the “open sights” rules in effect in Washington for muzzleloaders (i.e., no scopes!), I have found my effective range for a deer-sized animal to be about 100 yards. Using a peep sight has extended this to about 110-120 yards, but I am usually reluctant to shoot that far.

How far will a muzzleloader kill?

For any ethical hunter, 200 yards is about the limit of ballistic and shooter performance for a modern muzzleloader.

Will a 50 cal muzzleloader kill a grizzly bear?

Most large bears can be highly dangerous if provoked and can take a lot of stopping. But in theory, yes. A . 50 cal ball with a good charge of powder at close range might kill a bear.

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What Animals Can you hunt with a muzzleloader?

California offers muzzleloader seasons for mule deer, Columbian blacktail, tule elk and Roosevelt elk.

How far should you shoot a deer with a muzzleloader?

The furthest I would shoot a deer with my muzzleloader is 250 yards. The bullet really starts to drop between 200-250 yards with my current load. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to take a shot up to 175 yards, as it’s actually an easy shot with a current in-line muzzleloader.

How far will a 45 cal muzzleloader shoot?

how far do modern muzzleloaders usually go? im just getting into muzzleloaders and im just curious. Most regular muzzlers will shoot effectively up to 100 yards with normal loads. The inlines will reach out there to 200 if prepares properly.

Who makes the most accurate muzzleloader?

At the end of the day, the true winner was the new CVA Paramount Muzzleloader Rifle. With the new VariFlame ignition system and the updated . 45 caliber Bergara barrel, the Paramount Muzzleloader provides the best accuracy, velocity, and value.

How accurate are modern muzzleloaders?

These days there are many quality muzzleloaders capable of precision accuracy at 200 yards. But maximizing muzzleloader accuracy is more difficult than shooting tight groups with a centerfire rifle. … Developing a great muzzleloader load is like developing a cooking recipe.

Can you use Hoppes 9 on muzzleloader?

Senior Member. Whatever you usually use on your centerfire rifles will work just fine. Don’t use any solvent made for muzzleloaders. I use Hoppes #9.

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