How does arctic fox reproduce?

BREEDING: Arctic foxes form monogamous pairs during the breeding season. The average gestation period is four to five weeks. Births occur from April through June for the first litter and in July or August for the second litter. Usual litter size is five to eight kits, although as many as 15 have been known.

Can you breed a fox with a arctic fox?

Arctic, swift, and kit foxes are quite closely related to each other, and they could (in theory) be interbred to produce fertile offspring. The only foxes that have been found to interbreed in the wild are the swift and kit foxes, which are sometimes regarded as a single species.

How many times a year do arctic foxes reproduce?

The fox is monogamous, mating only once a year, and may mate for life. It is often found in small family groups consisting of one male, two females (called vixens), and the young born that year (Nowak, 1999).

What do arctic foxes get eaten by?

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