How do you kill a deer in October?

Similar to other bow hunting tips like using mock scrapes, using scent drags and “freshen up” actual scrapes near your stand can be successful in October. Since the rut is weeks away, you want to stick to deer scents that would naturally occur this time of year.

How do you hunt at the end of October?

Missed October Hunting Opportunities

  1. Identify core mature buck bedding areas on the lands that you hunt.
  2. Prepare stand locations that set-up on trails leading to core bedding areas, away from, between or on the downwind edge. …
  3. Avoid your core bedding area stands at all costs!

What kind of deer call should I use in October?

Effective Deer Calling Tips

Pack with you two calls, a Knight & Hale grunt tube and a doe-in-heat bleat. Both are effective at blind calling. Blind calling is calling when no deer are in sight. Start a blind calling sequence with two to four doe bleats followed by several grunts of varying length and speed.

Where can I buy bucks in October?

Find a good spot with lots of ground cover near a bedding area and do some calling sequences. Make sure you are set up where the buck can’t see a long ways, but must come close to investigate the source of the sound. Rattling and calling are at their most effective during the final week of October.

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Do Bucks fight in October?

Friday, October 31 Bucks begin to prowl hard, noses to the ground, looking for the first estrous does as the seeking phase of the rut gets started. If two big rivals cross paths near a doe feeding or bedding area, one heck of a fight might break out.

Why do bucks disappear in September?

Food sources change throughout the year, but they do so rapidly from early September to mid-October. … Because of that, deer don’t make it as far before hitting food sources. This can make it seem as if deer aren’t as daylight active when in reality, their food is simply located closer to their bedding areas.

Is October too early to rattle for deer?

Rattling in October draws bucks out of curiosity. Like us, they are ramping up for the rut and eager to check out the action as it unfolds. A light tickle of the tines can be just enough to draw a buck in close to your stand. Real bone still sounds as good as anything for rattling up a buck.

Why do deer disappear in October?

A result of all this breeding activity is that many trophy deer have depleted much of their fat stores while searching out, chasing and breeding does. … Thus as aforementioned you must learn to hunt in the acorns during the October lull for whitetail deer, or you’ll simply think the whitetail deer disappeared.

Why are deer more active in the fall?

When autumn begins, it’s important to remember that deer become more active as they get ready for mating season — which can mean a greater risk of deer-related accidents while driving. It’s important to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings to help you avoid this risk.

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Why do deer seem to disappear?

Smart hunters know the sudden disappearance of whitetails from their summer feeding fields is nothing more than a shift in food preferences. They will be heavy on the feed until the rut kicks in a month or so. The trick is to know what they are feeding on when hunting season kicks in a week or two.

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