How can you tell the difference between ducks and hunting?

What kind of ducks do you hunt?

In North America a variety of ducks and geese are hunted, the most common being mallards, Canada geese, snow geese, canvasback, redhead, northern pintail, gadwall, ruddy duck, coots, common, hooded and red-breasted merganser (often avoided because of its reputation as a poor-eating bird with a strong flavor).

Do teal fly with mallards?

Mallard decoys work fine for teal. So, too, will a mix of mallards, wigeon, gadwall and shovelers. Again, the little ducks really don’t seem to care. Bigger decoys — that is, mallards — are just that: big.

Do drake mallards quack?

The male does not quack; instead he gives a quieter, rasping, one- or two-noted call. Ducklings make soft, shrill whistles when alarmed.

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