Frequent question: What should I wash my hunting clothes with?

As soon as possible after the hunt, thoroughly wash the game bags with unscented heavy-duty detergent (Tide and Persil contain enough stain-removing enzymes to remove stains) and a light solution of chlorine bleach using the hottest water possible.

What type of laundry detergent is best to avoid when washing hunting clothes?

Avoid washing hunting clothes with highly fragrant laundry detergents. Numerous brands of “scent-free” detergents are available for washing hunting clothing. Also avoid clothing detergents that contain UV brighteners because many animals can detect UV light that makes clothing brighter.

Are you supposed to wash your hunting clothes?

If you use scented laundry detergent on your street clothes, it’s wise to run your washing machine at least one full cycle with Scent Killer detergent BEFORE washing your hunting clothing. I recommend washing a load of jeans or bath towels in scent-free detergent.

How often should you wash your hunting clothes?

base layers every hunt, sometimes mid layers too, but outer layers I may wash 1x a month, unless they get muddy or bloody.

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Can you use free and clear detergent for hunting clothes?

A hunter can douse himself with fancy scent blockers all day long, but put on a pair of dirty socks, and the whole game is blown. Wash your gear with unscented detergent after every hunt, and store it in a sealed, unscented garbage bag so it won’t pick up household odors from the kitchen or pets.

How do you get smell out of hunting clothes?

Consider hand washing hunting clothes in a large utility sink or tub rather than the family washer. Add one cup baking soda to the final rinse water to help eliminate odors. Air-dry clothing on an outdoor drying rack or clothesline.

How do I prepare my clothes for hunting?

Washing Clothes – Rinse the washer out thoroughly before putting any hunting clothes inside. Residual phosphates and household detergents can contaminate them. Once it is rinsed, wash them in baking soda or other sportsmen’s detergents that are scent free and contain UV killers.

Why are you not supposed to wash hunting clothes?

Wash hunting clothes often to prevent body odor from building up in the fibers. Keep the hunting clothes in a sealed bag or tub until you arrive at your hunting stand or camp. Do not wear while driving, pumping gas, or eating.

Can you dry hunting clothes?

To keep your clothing from absorbing scents after washing, air-dry them outdoors or load them into an electric dryer with a scent-killing or earth-scented dryer strip to further control human odors. Once your hunting clothes are dry, store them in an airtight plastic container or scent-trapping bag.

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How do you clean hunting camo?

Get yourself some baking soda and run your washer empty with 1/2 cup of baking soda. After that`s done put your hunting gear in with Scent Killer laundry detergent and wash gear. Repeat. Then run through it 1 last time with no detergent.

Can deer see laundry detergent?

Deer can see it. Because if you wash your clothing with a detergent that uses optical brighteners, you may actually glow!

Can deer smell laundry detergent?

Laundry Detergent

Fact is, you can do everything to make your body scent-free, but if your clothes smell like a human, deer will still detect your presence and avoid your area. … Scent-free laundry detergent is a good first step in ensuring your clothes don’t cause you to miss shot opportunities.

What is the best hunting laundry detergent?

Best hunting laundry detergent

  • kennyg Die Hard Bowhunter. …
  • kennyg Die Hard Bowhunter. …
  • Acts of the wolf Weekend Warrior. …
  • Captain Morgan Weekend Warrior. …
  • Slider46 Die Hard Bowhunter. …
  • Dawn Assassin Die Hard Bowhunter. …
  • Swampthing Weekend Warrior. …
  • USFAN51473 Weekend Warrior.

How do you wash camo clothes?

Use cold/warm water on permanent press cycle with NON-UV detergent. To avoid shrinkage, fading, damage, and wrinkles to your camo garment, the permanent press cycle with cold/warm water is the answer. This wash cycle combines the agitation of the regular cycle for deep cleaning with the slow spin of the delicate cycle.

How do you get UV brightener out of clothes?

These excess brighteners must be removed by first washing with Sport-Wash. Wash twice if in doubt. Clean old detergent residue (which is full of brighteners) from washer by washing non-camouflage clothing inSport-Wash before washing your camo.

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